Self Healing Reiki Hand Positions

Angelic Reiki Session

Hey guys, it's Alaaniel and welcome to this tutorial. This is a Angelic healing tutorial I'm going to be using Angelic Reiki, which um. includes the energies of Archangel Michael,Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel. So, it's very light and Angelic, and even a playful energy. I love it, so I just want to goahead and get started. Um, I'm going to aw a distance symbol

to get the energy running and just sit back and relax. Ok. If you want, you can callthe Archangels. I already have them with me, their energy is already being projected through thetutorial to you. So, you can just kind of connect to themyour heart. Send out links to them.

Now is a great time to just sit back and relax and feel the energies. Just breatheeasy breaths. Fill your lungs and completely let go of the breath. Don't breathe shallowly, breathe deeply. Breathethe energies into your energy field. And then let it expel out.

Mkay, and I'm sending healing to your root chakra. You can release any problems relating to the root chakra to the energy now. Any money problems, any family issues, any issues with your health. The energy will cleanse them, take them away, and heal them. Ok, I'm sending the energy to your sacral chakra now.

If you have any problems relating toyour sacral charkra, Just give them up to the energy. These will be sexual problems creative blockages, any problems with takingenergy and problems relating with your intuition, to love and your soul, to balance and duality and oneness. The energy will cleanse them and heal you.

Ok, I'm sending energy to your solar plexus chakra now. Chamuel is here. coming with Zadkiel. And they're offering their energies to you and their healing to you. If you have any problems with your sacral,

Reiki Self Treatment Hand Positions

0:00:00.530,0:00:02.540reiki hand positions 0:00:02.540,0:00:04.319reiki hand positionsself treatment 0:00:04.319,0:00:07.760once you receive the firstdegree achievement from array q monster 0:00:07.760,0:00:11.259you're ready to work with the universal life force 0:00:11.259,0:00:14.7'however it's important to you realize as with every profession that there's a

0:00:14.7',0:00:19.500need to first practicemost of the skills associated healing 0:00:19.500,0:00:23.789medan jakarta to our students to heal themselves first and their families than 0:00:23.789,0:00:25.609their friends 0:00:25.609,0:00:29.289only then did she believe they will be adequately qualified unable to accept 0:00:29.289,0:00:31.869partition and here are the people

0:00:31.869,0:00:35.690when a person for slows to ive a car they need time practice an experienced a 0:00:35.690,0:00:'.040moscow appears to be a rather complex set of procedures 0:00:'.040,0:00:43.050however within a very relatively short space of time bacon ive safely 0:00:43.050,0:00:46.910effortlessly as m consciously control the car and all of their skills

0:00:46.910,0:00:48.570associated to iving 0:00:48.570,0:00:52.650likewise with time practicing experience you amongst the skills and techniques 0:00:52.650,0:00:55.710associated with the art of breaking healing 0:00:55.710,0:01:00.120treaty early months islearning experience almost like an apprenticeship 0:01:00.120,0:01:04.140this will give you the time you need to

develop your confidence and skills 0:01:04.140,0:01:06.020remember the more you weren't we greatly 0:01:06.020,0:01:08.120the want you to view will become 0:01:08.120,0:01:10.300your energy vibration will be raised 0:01:10.300,0:01:14.400and you were development experiencethe joyful consistencyyour life 0:01:14.400,0:01:18.410selfhealing is the starting point for personal development of selfdiscovery

0:01:18.410,0:01:23.110break is not just a tool for healing it also brings protection prevention 0:01:23.110,0:01:25.960and personal transformation on all levels 0:01:25.960,0:01:29.540as you progress along a new path invariably you'll come up against 0:01:29.540,0:01:34.290obstacles the setbacksyour life the often seem up hall oceanfront

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