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DONNA HANNOVER: I'm DonnaHannover. Treating the whole person, body, mind and spirit.Both s and patients alike are embracing the wholeperson approach to healing. It's not just traditionalmedicine anymore. ScienceU! starts now.♪ Theme Music ♪ TINABETH PINA: I'm TinaBethPiña, how about getting a prescription for a dose ofBee Venom or leeches instead of an antibiotic, that's comingup next on ScienceU!

ANDREW FALZONE: Sittinginside of this tank for an hour may not sound like a lot offun but it may be just what you need to help tune out therest of the world. I'm Anew Falzone, that storyis coming up on ScienceU! MAGALIE LAGUERREWILKINSON:Hello, I'm Magalie LaguerreWilkinson. The nexttime you have that cold and you want to run to the ugstorefor that medicine, remember there could be an alternative,that's coming up on ScienceU!

MIKE GILLIAM: I'mMike Gilliam for ScienceU! When s are sick, stressedout or dying, it's common practice to reach out to thevet. But there are alternatives that can replace the pills andsurgery. One of them is animal reiki and we're going to tellyou all about it on ScienceU! DONNA HANNOVER: I'm DonnaHannover here at the Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Centerfor Health and Healing, which is the department ofIntegrative Medicine.

Some healing approaches, oncethought to be far out, are now considered significantby many s. DONNA HANNOVER: Thecenter's medical director, Martin Ehrlichexplains the concept of Integrative Medicine.DR. MARTIN EHRLICH: It's medicine that integrates all ofthe wisdom, of the various systems of Medicine that hadbeen going on for thousands and thousands of years, so,Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic

medicine, Indigenous medicinefrom countries and cultures all over the world.Much of western medicine is really about pathophysiology.For example, when I go to medical school, when you startmedical school, the first thing you do is dissect a corpseand spend years studying disease. There isn't a course onwhy we're healthy, how we stay healthy.DONNA HANNOVER: Here at the Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Center forhealth and Healing, they offer

care that includes Acupuncture,Yoga, Japanese Reiki Therapy, Meditation, Massage,Aromatherapy, Nutrition Eduion and Physical Therapy.They are also primary care s and believe westernmedicine does have great value. DR. MARTIN EHRLICH: It'sfantastic for so many things. If I go out there and get hit bya car, I want to get the best Orthopedist and the best to put me back together again and yet, with all ouradvances, technological

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