Removing Reiki Energy

Reiki reiki healing healing techniques

Reiki reiki healing healing techniquesReiki reiki healing healing techniques Reiki reiki healing healing techniquesReiki reiki healing healing techniques Reiki reiki healing healing techniques.

How To Remove A Entity Attachment

HI guys I'm just doing thislittle tutorial on how to remove a Entity Attachment for those of you that think you are struggling with the un scence maybe you and have had a encounter or you just suspect somethinglike that is going on. I just want to say that thisis this information is really what I've come acrossmy work, I am a holistic therapist and I clear entities for a living, aswell as curse removal, I help

people remove the blocksin the subconscious that's preventing them from having the things that theydesire and so there maybe more then what I talk about out there andactually there will be but yeah what i'm talking about thisfrom personal experience so I just want to go three different entities out there and just explain how you canget rid of them. if this is a problem that you're havingso

the first kind a wayward spirits and they arereally just lost souls that have, for whatever reason,maybe they had a traumatic death, maybe they killed themselves, or maybe they had something like a car accident and either they don't realize they're dead or they have things unresolved on thisplanet and they want a resolve it before they move on and the problem is that they haven'tgone to the light because when they go to the light

they are kind of cleansed of what has gone onthe life before and they are then able to move on so what they do instead is they attach themselves to a person and that's all fine you know sometimesthey don't mean any harm by it they just see the lightwithin us recognize that it's kinda well is the same energy of theinfinite energy out there and they think that's where they are meant to go to, now the problem for us is that this actually ains the energy. So

sometimes people that have illnesses orif you feeling just really tired and rundown it maybe that you have a entity attatchment now these guys actually really easy toget rid of All you need to do is really close your eyes ask for the entities attached to you to be sent to the light and just imagine like a kind of likedoorway of light opening up now when there's entities like this around, there is usually angels

trying to get them into the light andso when you do this it creates a vortexthat allows those entities to move on. now they do have if it's like you can actually check if youhave entities attached by using a pendulum you can just do your yes and do your no and say i have entities attatchedé and it will tell you as a yes or no and

How To Clear The Energy Of A Room

Hey guys It's Jill Wedmore here and I am soexcited to teach you how to clear the energy of a room. The tools you will need, Sage.You can go to whole foods market or any holistic shop to get sage. Most sage that you willfind looks like this. This one has lavender wrappedit. This one is from New Mexicomade by a Native American. You will also need a liter. Those are your two big things youneed. Step 1. Clean your room. I know, I probably sound like a mom when I say that but thereis something so important about picking up all the clutter that is around so you canallow the energy to flow. You can feel the difference between a messy room and a cleanorganized room. Clean the space of where ever

you are going to clear. Step 2. Make sureyour room can breathe. Yogi's know how important breath is to the body. The room must be ableto breath. Open the window. Doesn't have to be open all the way. You must make sure thatthe smoke from the sage can get out. The negativity can get out. If you don't have a window inyour room just make sure the door is open so ventilation is happening. We want freshair coming into the room. Step 3. Set an intention before you start saging. Maybe requestingyour spirit guides or spirit animals to help assist youclearing the energy of the room.Request that you want them to fill the room with love, inspiration and abundance. Getreally creative and add what ever your heart

wants. Step 4. My favorite. Lighting the sage.The great thing to get started with is making sure you have a candle. That way you don'thave to keep relighting your sage. As you can tell here I've used this one quite a lot.I am just going to stick it over this flame. And really get it smoking. It smells so good.Make sure you blow it out. You can now see all the smoke. Great way to do this is justwalk around the room and just follow your gut. You always know the answers to your questions.I know that sounds like, quot;whatéquot; Your answers are within you. Just listen to your gut. Havea plate so it doesn't fall onto the car or wood floor. Really focus on getting intothe corners. A lot of energy can get trapped

the corners. After you have cleared theenergy of your room you can get creative. This is a Tibetan Singing Bowl. You can goaround and play it, if you have one of these. Some people already them, some don't. Don'tfeel you have to rush out and buy one. Chimes are great for corners of rooms too. Anothergreat thing to use is essential oils. You don't have to rush out and get these, allyou really need is sage. I have purifiion, frankincense and so many other oils to helpyou clear your room. Again, have fun. Trust your gut. Follow your instincts. People alwaysask me, how often should I clear the energy of my roomé Every dayé Every other dayé Again,trust yourself. You don't need to clear your

room everyday. You don't even need to do itonce a week. You can do it as often as you feel it needs to be done. If you have a reallybad day or an argument, maybe you should clear the room. Again, trust your instinct. Followyour gut. Thank you so much for watching. Share this with your friends. Tell me howit goes. I want to know how it went with clearing your room. Thank you so much. Bye guys!.

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