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Your body language shapes who you are Amy Cuddy

Translator: Joseph GeniReviewer: Morton Bast So I want to start by offering youa free notech life hack, and all it requires of you is this: that you change your posturefor two minutes. But before I give it away,I want to ask you to right now do a little audit of your bodyand what you're doing with your body. So how many of you aresort of making yourselves smalleré Maybe you're hunching, crossing your legs,maybe wrapping your ankles.

Sometimes we hold onto our arms like this. Sometimes we spread out. (Laughter) I see you. So I want you to pay attentionto what you're doing right now. We're going to come backto thata few minutes, and I'm hoping that if you learnto tweak this a little bit, it could significantly changethe way your life unfolds. So, we're really fascinatedwith body language,

and we're particularly interestedin other people's body language. You know, we're interested in,like, you know — (Laughter) — an awkward interaction, or a smile, or a contemptuous glance,or maybe a very awkward wink, or maybe even something like a handshake. Narrator: Here they arearriving at Number 10. This lucky policeman gets to shake handswith the President of the United States. Here comes the Prime Minister No. (Laughter) (Applause)

(Laughter) (Applause) Amy Cuddy: So a handshake,or the lack of a handshake, can have us talking for weeksand weeks and weeks. Even the BBC and The New York Times. So obviously when we thinkabout nonverbal behavior, or body language but we call itnonverbals as social scientists it's language, so we thinkabout communiion. When we think about communiion,we think about interactions.

So what is your body languagecommuniing to meé What's mine communiing to youé And there's a lot of reason to believethat this is a valid way to look at this. So social scientistshave spent a lot of time looking at the effectsof our body language, or other people's body language,on judgments. And we make sweeping judgmentsand inferences from body language. And those judgments can predictreally meaningful life outcomes

like who we hire or promote,who we ask out on a date. For example, Nalini Ambady,a researcher at Tufts University, shows that when people watch30second soundless clips of real physicianpatient interactions, their judgmentsof the physician's niceness predict whether or notthat physician will be sued. So it doesn't have to do so much with whether or not that physicianwas incoment,

About Torben Sndergaard part 1 I wanted to see fruit

It was really hard because my mother meant everything to me and she just ove me to the school the day before. And nowshe's dying. I remember when I heard that on thetelephone, I went up to the class, to my room and sat down. I was crying and crying and crying. And then I prayed to God. God if you are there, if you are there, please let my mum survive. Do something! Do something! And now I came to him and he had hisBible laying on the bed. And I was like a Bibleé Tommy, this is a Bibleé What are you doing with a Bibleé You're young

You have a life. Into my body (swoosh!) and fall to the floor. Into my body. I fall to the floor. I don't know what happened. But Iexperienced the power of God through my whole body. And when I stood up (amazed) What was thaté (In awe) quot;You are there!quot; Not if you arethere. It's like, quot;You are there!quot; But, quot;Who are Youéquot;And my life got changed. The first thing was I stopped sinning. I could not go onsinning. And I have the church and I have the Bible. I have my life and I have the Bible. In the church's eyes I was radical.

Butmy own eyes,the Bible, I wasnot radical. Because, there was no fruit. quot;I give You everything I have the next year. I do everything the next year. If I have not born fruit when this year isover, take my life. I want to die. Sothe beginning of January, I tookall food away. I decided to fast forty days. I experienced a fear of God I'venever experienced before. At one time I came to that point, I have sinned against the Holy Spirit. I'm lost and can not experience salvation. It's overnow for me. Because I saw how much a sinner I was. I saw how much I have messed up.

And from that day on, I started tosee the power of God. (Music) If I look at my life before I met God, Ithink there was nothing special with it. In many ways, I was grown upa somewhatgood family. My father had a business. He was fixing houses, painting and something.My mother she was workinga bank and I grew up with two big brothers. I was baptised as a childthe Lutheran church as a baby. And I was confirmed when I wasaround 14 years old. When I got confirmed it was tradition like many other people inDenmark. I did it because I got a lot of

gifts. I did it because I got a party. Andbecause now I was adult! I was confirmed. I went from the chilen's level into theadult level. It's what we sayDenmark. So I didn't put God much into it. I was inchurch a few times when I was confirmed but it was not me. It was not something Iwas interested in. To sitan old church built at the end of the 1700's. And sitthere and sing songs and do other things. So, it was not me. So after I got confirmed at 14 years old, I continued school. In school I had a different problem. When I was younger I had speech problems. Speech mistakes.Where I had problems saying my own name.

My name is Torban Sondergaard. But at thattime when I was really young, I couldn't say Torban Sondergaard. I said GorbanGondergall. I couldn't pronounce my own name. Sothe early years as a kid,at school, I was having a special teacher who was teaching me to pronounce words and to speak. Because of that I was not together with other boys and girlstheclass. And I was always behind when it comes to learning to read and to write. I also weighed some more kilos when I was a kid. So I was teased a lot becauseI was fat and big. I could not read. I could not write and I was not good at school. So because of that and my speech

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