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Moryas New Quips Part 5

Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for participatingour beautiful broadcast today, the nineteenth of January 2016. I'd like to share some more quips from beloved El Morya for today. Many of these were received at the Los Angeles Airport on Mona's and my way back

from Tucson, because we flew from Tucson to Los Angeles and then Los Angeles to Bozeman. El Morya says: Multiply your divine interest. Being resplendent is inner work. Look within to find your Self Enjoy a natural life.

Fortify your inner stronghold. Muse on the processes of creation. Free your inner fragrances. Refine your holographic impact. Every truth is Selfevident. Grace relieves the pressures of unsavorylives. Smiles, embraces and music are all part of a universal language.

Only God can transform others. Heartcenteredness works wonders. The path of love always bears fruit. Your greatest endowment is God's love legacy. Other's imperfections are all illusion. And El Morya now quips, And so are yours. Choose to regard all beings as God does. Seize every opportunity to love, give andserve.

Every truth leads to reality, and reality to God. Just as fashion and fame are fleeting, so is tweeting. Miracles are the byproducts of prayer and grace. There are millions of unwinged angels. Daily populate the atmosphere with

positive thoughts and feelings. The following quips were given later thatevening: Inherit the kingdom now. Every answer is linked to a new and higherquestion. No Creator would condone an unpopulated planet. I am always aware of your vitals. Be my cream of the crop.

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