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Reiki reiki healing healing techniques

Reiki reiki healing healing techniquesReiki reiki healing healing techniques Reiki reiki healing healing techniquesReiki reiki healing healing techniques Reiki reiki healing healing techniques.

Archangel Jeremiel brings a message from our Creator

This message is being recorded by Shauna Smith for Shauna M Smith dot com this message is from archangel Jeremiel and today's date is Apriltwentyfifth 2015. This is the message that I received This is archangel Jeremiel, I am here to share message from your Creator. Youare all aware

rapid changes that are taking placearound you, these changes are necessary to correct the aging of the earth and to heal mother Earth and all life forms that reside upon her.The destruction and violence that has taken place on earth has grownto a shocking level humanity is lost and the heavens aresending changing energy to renew your lives the earth and to affect changehumanities behavior you have a partthis every singlesoul on earth can effect change by sharing loving compassionate energywith one another,

stop judging others, believehumanity and believea spark to Divine light thateach if you are made of reach out to one another hold each otherup with love and compassion your love yourlight your spark of the divine will affectchange among those around you. Do not fear it, do not hide it, shine that light a sprightly as brightly as you can. Show faithyour fellow man know that we are herefor you

we are supporting we love you and please know that you can call upon us anytime for assistance! So that the end the message from Archangel Jeremiel again this is Shauna Smith with Shauna M Smith dot com and I want to thank you for taking the timeto listen this message today.

The music of nature the nature of music Patricia Gray at TEDxGreensboro

When you grow upa musical family as I did, it never occurs to you not to be a musician. As part of family activities you sing and dance together. No, really, that's what we do. And as you grow older, you find your own path. For me, it's the piano. It's become my musical voice. At some point as you go deeper into this musical world, you typically learn and become conversant

the formal language of your preferred music. This is true of classical musical systems worldwide. You learn the symbol system of your preferred music. These symbols convey musical concepts and practices of your preferred music. They also make it possible to preserve musical creations for the ages and to transfer musical ideas to other musicians. So as a result of this kind of process,

the musical score, that written document, has become extremely important. And musicians who know how to quot;readquot; music are highly valued. Whether it's the shakuhachi, tradition of Japan, or the chromatic musical system of South India, or Gregorian Chant, Beethoven, movie music, patriotic songs, the musical score makes it possible to recreate a musical experience any time, anywhere.

As a result, most of our music arrives to us readymade. Readymade for our consumption, our entertainment, our enlightenment. We are typically passive consumers of readymade music, delivered to us by musicians who are literatethat musical system. But there is another world of music where the emphasis is on doing it. Everyone, doing it. Let's go there.

(Singing) (Singing) (Stamping and clapping)Come on. Shh.(Softer stamping and clapping) (Louder clapping) (Clapping stopped) (Singing) (Audience singing together)

Okay, when did you get the musicé When did you get the scoreé When did you learn the musicé This is a fine example of the difference between music as a product,meaning the musical score, and the doing of it,the musical process. And this little improvisation was made possible because we're all born musical. That's right. You are born musical. We're all born musical.

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