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Chakra balancing. You can very easily andeffectively balance your chakras with this very simple technique. You can cup your handsover the loion of each of your major chakras, starting with your root chakra and thinkingof itits primary color of red. Then you see the chakra spinning open clockwise downinto the earth. Then you go to your second chakra which is orange as its primary color,the sacral chakra and you imagine it spinning open clockwise as wellits beautiful orangecolor. Then you move to your third chakra, your solar plexus chakra and its primary coloris yellow. Once again, visualize that chakra spinning open and clockwise. Then you go toyour heart chakra, the fourth chakra which

is both green and pink; green for healing,pink for love and you visualize that chakra spinning nice and opening clockwise with thosetwo primary colors of green and pink. Then you have your throat chakra, the fifth chakra;spinning nice and open and clockwiseits primary color of blue. So blue for the fifthchakra for your throat. Then you have your third eye chakra. You want to see it spinningnice and opening clockwiseits primary color of indigo and violet. Beautiful indigo,violet colors spinning nice and open and clockwise. Then your seventh chakra is your crown chakra.And you want to visualize that chakraits primary color of white, maybe with a littlebit of gold spinning nice and open above your

head. If you feel like you need to clear yourchakras, you can spread your fingers open and rake them through your, each of your chakrasin a counter clockwise motion for eleven times. When you're finished with that, then you canflick the energy, the unwelcome energy, down into the earth with a little breath, quot;hoohquot;,transmute that energy into love energy via the earth energies. Then take your hand backand spin your chakraits proper clockwise motion seeing itits particular primarycolor. This way you can keep your chakra system healthy, it will be metabolizing those energiesfor your highest good at all times.

Vido durgence crise dangoisse panique colredprime

Hello,Here is a tutorialcase you are emotionally triggered right now. ( with some unpleasant sensations). Whether you´re  going through a phobia, an anxiety, a state of shock, anger, or jealousy youmust be feeling this unwanted emotion right now. You will have to close your eyes, so make sure you area safe environment,wich you won´t be disturbed during 2 to 6 minutes. Make sure you don´t have some deadlines that were scheduled, before you take the time right now to regulate this overwhelming emotion. If you have an appointment and you´re already running late, postpone this appointment to make sure you´ll have enough time to take care of that intrusive emotion.

Take the time to manage all pending urgent matters before getting started. You musn´t be engaged with the situation anymore. ( But the emotion you're feeling must still be present. Not so easy, indeed.) For instance, if you´ve had a violent argument with someone, this person must not bethe room you are now. Keep any animals that could happen to bethe room away now. Good. Now close your eyes ( close your eyes). “ And tell me what´s happeningyour body�. “Allow your bodily sensations to evolve (to shift from one to another) and let them lead the whole thing� pain, heat, heartbeat or squeeze, dizziness, etc. Just don´t try anything to alleviate, or control your body.

“Just give yourself up to the sensations�.(Close your eyes unless you no longer feel sensationsyour body) “Just let them evolve.� “ Allow your bodily sensations to shift into new ones�(If you no longer feel sensationsyour body, the job´s over! Otherwise, keep your eyes closed!) “Keep waiting, don´t act or react, and allow your bodily sensations to evolve� “Just let them shift� “If you no longer feel anything, open your eyes; otherwise keep going and allow your bodily sensations to evolve� “Just let them shift� “Just let them shift, don´t try anything�

“Just let them evolve� “Now you can open your eyes� So! If you have felt several sensationsyour body, and they have evolved and they finally calmed down, it´s perfect. If you feel just fine after thinking about what disturbed you, then the job is over. For those of you who didn´t feel the sensations evolve to some kind of relief, this might be: 1: because you focus too much on the bodily sensations…that case, the key is to just being an observer , without trying anything, without concentrating too much. 2: because you´re trying to alleviate or control your bodily sensations.( Do not try to relax, nor diaphragm breathing, nor loosen up, etc…) Don´t try to control your body. It knows naturally what to do.

Of course this whole process can feel very uncomfortable and uneasy, but do not try to take control of what will manifestyour body. 3: because you are fired up by the situation.( Make sure you have kept enough distance, “free� from the situation that triggered the emotion) You are too engaged with it, it´s hard to let go…you may have some images poppingyour mind. Your attention your brain is still stuckthe situation. Sothat case you just have to go somewhere else, find a place where you can let go of that situation. 4: Or finally it might be because there´s something that stops you from allowing yourself time to do this “cleansing�. If you area safe place and allow what comes up, it´s going to move and circulate within, all by itself. There´s absolutely nothing to do.(Including trying to relax or loosening up…) If you force things, it will create some blockages at some point; and chances are that you´ll get�trapped� into that uncomfortable emotion as you usually do.

So now. replay this session once you have identified why it didn´t work the first time. Allow the whole process; what is happening, circulatingyour body is taking place all by itself, even though it´s very uncomfortable. (It is sometimes necessary to repeat this session 2 or 3 times to get total relief)Replay the tutorial and I insure you that you will free yourself from that invasive emotion once and for all. Now go for it!.

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