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My journey's been quite a long one, and I've investigated different modalities, and even some energy healingthe past. I wanted to find all of the aspects of psychic training meditation. What brought me here was a disconnectmind, body, soul and spirit. I want to expand my knowledge and

get into the reiki healing and energy healing. It's been, it's been magical. It feels like it's just been a real adventure. Every time I feel great. You'll feel like a comfortable, and amazing, and things changed every time.

So like every week is different. It's really harmonious, you know, It's a really lovely, boutique atmosphere. It's the most intense meditation course I've ever done. Finally, I'm at the place I supposed to be, and I have that strong, strong feeling, I can be myself, and no one's limiting me. No one is telling me what to do and how to do it.

And it's great. I love it. So the process of finding my truth really has been around that, the meditation, and, time for selfreflection, as well, and also working with the people that are coming on this journey with me. One of the big things that I've noticed are

how wellsuited my group was, how we contributed to each other's journey, so really it was quite a holistic sort of developmentthat way. Feeling like I've got people around me who are similar, and because I've been quite lonely before, I've felt like I'm different and crazy.

Now it feels better. I think the main thing that it's helped me with emotionally is actually dealing with the emotion as it happens, as opposed to having an emotional reaction to something can sitting on it, or allowing that to be stored physicallymy body,

How to Activate and Open Your Third Eye Teal Swan

Hello everyone. The third eye is a term we use for the sixth chakra. A chakra is a vortex point where the stream of consciousness from your higher self, which is energy which we call Prana, feeds into the physical human form. The body organ systems will arrange itself according to the blueprint of the energetic chakras and meridians. And the sixth chakra, also called the third eye, is loed right here, just above the eyebrows. Although every chakra is involvedextrasensory perception, the six chakra is the Chakra which is referred to as the seat of intuition. It is the chakra which is associated with clairvoyance, precognition, outofbody experiences, the ability to see auras, recognition, imagination, visualization, eaming, perception, and extrasensory perception.

Because of this, the third eye is the chakra that is associated most closely with psychics. The reason we call it the third eye is because it is the chakra that allows us to be clairvoyant. In other words see beyond ordinary sight. This is why psychics, whose third eyes are open, were called Seers. When we are learning to focus into the third dimension, we limit ourselves to only seeing the third dimension. A baby is born seeing multiple dimensions but learns to focus on the third dimension by ignoring the other dimensional realities. It is said often that we may close our third eye so we may learn to see with our two physical eyes. In order to activate the third eye we are going to reverse this process.

Learning how to activate the third eye is the key to experiencing higher more multidimensional aspects of consciousness. It is extremely important that when we are learning to develop our psychic skills, that we spend some special time getting to know our shadow sides, our fears. Because our fears are the number one thing that is going to cloud any of these intuitions, from flowing through us. And many of you are familiar with the idea of projection or the idea that your own perspective, your own fears, your own trappings could color the truth of whatever you are perceiving. It's true that there is a lot of room for mistranslation between the truth of what the universe feeds to you, and what you are ultimately able to perceive based on your individual perspective. We are each individual perspectives within the totality at the unified perspective which we call Source or God perspective. And any information you will be receiving you will be translating through your perspective. And so, the more aware you are of yourself, especially of your own fears, the less likely itʼs going to be that you will misinterpret that information or color it through the lens of what you are capable of believing.

So now let's get to the meat of this discussion. What do we do to activate our third eyesé The recipe is fairly simple. Step 1: Eat a spiritually oriented diet. This diet is a vegan or raw diet. Foods that are grounding will bring you more into third dimensional reality. Whereas foods that are ungrounding allow you to expand your consciousness multidimensionally. Avoid fluoride, this affects the pineal gland.

Some things to add to your diet when learning to activate the third eye are: My personal favorite. raw cacao, chaga mushroom, lemons, raw apple cider vinegar. All berries, especially goji berries and blueberries. Lavender, Mugwort, poppy seed, grape juice, chlorella, spirulina, blue green algae, iodine, zeolite, ginseng, bentonite clay, chlorophyll, cilantro, honey, coconut oil, hemp seeds, seaweed, and noni juice. Number 2: It's best to eliminate your dependence on your physical vision, through these two eyes when you are working to activate your third eye. What that means is, you want to either close your eyes, or better yet, find a place of total darkness, free from electronic equipment, screens or any sources of light.

When you aretotal darkness, the pineal gland which is the first organ which is the manifestation physically of your third eye, darkness stimulates the pineal gland to produce melatonin. And Melatonin plays a really key rolegetting your brain into a state where it is able to experience, where you are able to experience heightened states of consciousness which are not limited to the third dimension. That is why melatonin plays such a key rolesleep which isfact an outofbody experience. You want to sit either with your back straight or lie down on a bed with your arms over your head or straight at your sides. You want to begin by watching the breath. We want to let the breath be the doorway between other dimensions and the third dimension between states of consciousness. So you are observing the breathand out. You want to make sure you breaththe noseand not the mouth.

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