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5 minute Reiki Healing Transmission wCallie

Welcome to this 5 minute Reiki Healing Transmissionwith me! Callie. All you have to do is just take some deep breaths, relax, and then openup to receive the energy. Thank you so much for joining. That was your little 5 minute Reiki blast with me, Callie. I offer private sessions online, on the phone, orperson hereSanta Monica. I hope you will join me! onenesswithin Sending you lots of love!!!.

Daniel Amen Healing ADD at Home

gt;gt; Amen: Hi. I'm Daniel Amen, founderof the Amen s. In 1991, when I first started our brain imaging work, I thoughtthat ADD would have one patternthe brain but I was so wrong. We've actually seenseven different types which explained why one person did really well on a stimulantmediion while another person with exactly the same symptoms became amatically worse.The seven types of ADD include Classic ADD, what most people call ADHD, Inattentive, Overfocused,Temporal Lobe, Limbic, Ring of Fire, and Anxious ADD. Amen s has been treating peoplewith ADD for over 25 years and we've performed over 87,000 brain SPECT scans on patientsfrom 93 countries. We've seen how careful

diagnosis and personalized targeted treatmentcan literally and amatically change a person's life. I'm not opposed to using mediionbut our philosophy is to first, do no harm, and to use the least toxic, most effectivetreatment. Our s are filled with people who, when they first came to see us struggledeveryday of their lives because of ADD – at school,their relationships and at work.But the good news is it doesn't have to be that way. A long time ago I realized thatsome people can't afford to come to one of our s for a full evaluation so Ideveloped comprehensive strategies you can use at home with simple, easy to implementstepbystep guides supported by thirty daily

online support tutorials. I call this program‘Healing ADD at Home30 Days' and it's amazing. I really developed it to help peopleget better quickly because I realized if they didn't get better quickly they'd get distractedby something else. We give youHealing ADD at Home30 Days a literal stepbystepguidebitesize chunks because I realized people with ADD may not have long attentionspans and it's based on our experience at the Amen s with tens of thousands ofpatients who struggled with ADD and our experience is extensive. I mean it really goes over threedecades and it became really clear to me that you can make a significant positive differencein helping ADD healjust 30 days and often

even sooner with the proper information andthe best plan. Healing ADD at Home30 Days includes a simple, easy to implement stepbystepguide. It includes a downloadable 30day daily journal and 30 online, highdefinition supporttutorials where my wife, Tana, and I personally guide you through the process to get the bestresultsthe shortest time possible. At the Amen s, we have a very specificmethod for evaluating and treating our patients that help us achieve high levels of success.All of our research behind these strategies is outlined for youthe 30 tutorials thatwe created just for you. This program will give you the basic steps of what to do andhow to do it day by day. Given our experience

treating people with ADD, we know the importanceof getting quick results so that people do not get distracted and venture off to thenext project. We've also seen, and this is really devastating, how untreated ADD canliterally ruin a person's life and how helping them, helping you, get back on track providesthe quickest chance of success. Obviously, the interventions must be continued beyondthe 30 days but if you do what we asked you to do most people noticed a big differencein a very short period of time. I'm so excited to share this information with you. Subscribeto Healing ADD at Home30 Days and plant this informationyour life. It will makea radical difference for you. We have seen

thousands and thousands of transformationalstories. We want you to be one of them.

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