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Pt1 Sheps Spirituality Experiences the Spiritualists

Hello Friends Good Day! Well I decided to make a series of tutorials, just about my own spirituality I am going to call itquot;Sheps Spiritual and the Spiritualistsquot;quot;Part 1quot; Because I have been involved from 95 untill 2010 and I stopped going to the spiritualist church for healing2010. But I have been involved with spiritualist and spirituality and learning. But a lot of what I have learnt, is from my own experiences. I am going to put subtitles on all these tutorials eventually.

which will not be long before I put them on. To put subtitles on for the hard of hearing. or I think57 to 59 different languages around the world. You can translate them and you just click the Grey CC if it is turned offand it goes Red and you take your mouse off and put it over again and it says! quot;Transcribe Captionsquot; I think and you just click on that and pick your language

and it transcribes it and puts it up on screen, so it is quite useful. Right well, I will start from the beginning! You know I grew up and I never really that greatly contemplates, any spiritualitymy life. I was not religiousanyway whatsoever. I mean I was Christened, but I was never religious, never went to church really. To the odd christening or wedding, that was it.

But, I maybe contemplated a couple of times whether God existedé When I was like seventeen eighteen and I thought maybe life recyclessome way. that we keep living life until we get it right. But then I just put that to one side. And then time went on. and when I was Shepherding1993. I was about, I don't know. 29, 30.

I started to think, whatif there is some sort of purpose to lifeé some sort of meaning, some sort of thing we are meant to doé and I did not worry about it too much, but I thought well! We are here to live and to learn. and to experience this life maybe. Well! That my first experience was1992! and I did not realise it was!

and I saw, what turns out to be my Japanese spirit wife Su Ling,a Vision that God gave me! and I just at that time, could not understand what it was. Other than a waking eam of some kind! I did not realise it was, Clairvoyance and spiritual communiion thatshe was giving methoughts, into my mind and the Vision, of actually seeing her. So that was that! I put it to the back of my mind. I wanted to know who she was, but she had gone, so 🙁

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