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Best ADVICE TIPS How to keep your mind healthy fit and active Lisa Mohr SelfHelp

I want to share with you the 5 ways that Ikeep my thinking mentally macho. The first thing that I do is I surround myself withsmart and engaging people. What do I mean by thaté A good friend of mine once said thatyou want to be the dumbest personthe room when you go to an event. What does that meanéWell it means that you don't want to be the smartest most edued most engaging personbecause you want to be someone that's going to learn from the people that you are awareon, righté This is how we learn, the least intelligent person learns from this person,this person learns from this person, this person learns from this person and this persongoes all the way up here. If you are the smartest

person, you are going to start to lower yoursense of self and your engagement and even the content of your dialogue is going to changeso that you can reach your audience. When you go to an event, you want to be the dumbestpersonthe room, that way you can learn and you can grow from the people that youare surrounded by. I choose extremely intelligent individuals to be around. A lot of my friendsarethe upper IQ level. Why do I do thaté Because I never get tired of listening tothem. They keep me going constantly with interesting topics and it's not just that, but it's theway the spectrum of how their brain analyzes content. Love it.The next way that I keep myself mentally macho

is I surround myself with only smart TV, programmingand radio stations. What I do mean by thaté I don't want your lot of junk food TV. Forstarters, I don't have time. I'm way too busy but second of all, I find that I've wastedprecious life minutes. I actually think to myself, I just gave up 30 minutes of my lifeand I've could have done something else with that or I could have enjoyed it with somethingthat would have been more nourishing for myself mentally. I don't want to watch a programthat I'm thinking about it for a while that it unpacks me. Changes my mood for the better.Sometimes I watch comedy's with the idea that I'm going to laugh. A lot of times thoughI'm watching documentaries. I'm watching things

that I can learn about myself, about the brainor about the world that we livebecause I find that fascinating.The next way that I keep myself mentally macho is I read smart books. What do I mean by thatéI read books that keep me mentally engaged. They are complied. No, I'm not always readingself help although I do read a lot of those and I take notes while I do it, I read booksthat have complied character development. I have books that are, I read books that areharder to follow. I have to really stay engaged. Again it keeps my head going butthe goodway. It keeps me processing, thinking, expanding, considering possibilities, I love it. It keepsme engaged.

The next way that I keep myself mentally machois I take online self study courses. I am constantly looking at other thought leaders,other presentations, head talks, things that are juicy, delicious for my brain, keep meconstantly thinking about what ifs and I never thought of it that way.Finally, the fifth way that I keep myself mentally macho is I'm conscious of my onlinetime. What do I mean by thaté It's tempting to spend a lot of time on Facebook or YouTubeand I have to admit, I got sucked into this one with this bird and it's really good forme because it made me laugh and it really stuckmy head and I shared it with my kidsand it was a really fun memory that we created

together watching it over and over again.But it's easy to get down the rabbit hole, get lost with junk food on YouTube, on Facebookand I know individuals that have been on YouTube all night looking at different tutorials. Againit's your life, it's your time, however if you are trying to keep yourself mentally macho,you got to be disciplined about how much time you are putting into being online. If youwant to be mentally macho, be aware that you are what you think. Arm yourself around brainfit activities and you'll be mentally machono time.

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