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How to Get Rid of Varicose Veins Circulation Part 1 Home Remedies VitaLife Show Episode 158

Welcome to the VitaLife Show I'm Janine Bowring and today we're talking all about veinhealth so veinsthe legs I'll share a number of great health tipsabout how to improve your varicose veins it could be spider veins as well even hemorrhoids swellingthe legswhen it gets really bad you may have leg ulcers and a lot of edema so please dostay tuned to the end of this tutorial so that you'll get all these great free

health tips and be sure to subscribe toour channel as well because we're always uploading new information here onYouTube so how varicose veins and spider veinscause, well if you are obese so even you know if yougain as little as 15 pounds this can put a lot of pressure on the venous system and its that bloodthat need to be pumped up through the legs through the liver and back upthrough the cardiovascular system when there's too much pressure goingdown the veins really have a difficult

time and the valves actually become damagedwith that back flow pressure so being overweight and you know it doesn't take a lot for thispressure to build up so weight loss if that's you know who I'mspeaking to you know who you are if you need to get that extra weightoff this is the best thing that you can do to help that venous circulation along with the other things that we'retalking about pregnancy is so anybody

who's gone through pregnancy you knowthat the veins become more taxed and compromise with that extrablood volume and also that extra weight so I've hadfour pregnancies now with each pregnancy I had a little bitworst venous problems and venous stasis Iactually developed one large you know spider vein thatmy fourthpregnancy became very troublesome so pregnancy you know we we all want youhave great babies and great pregnancies butthis is one of the negative side effects

is the venous system and getting thosevaricose veins and sometimes those spider veins which can be very painful as well as menopause when our hormoneschanges women unfortunately what happens is thatthere's more pressure buildupveins so this is really commonI see this more sowomen with the varicose veins problem as opposed to men also standing andsittinga lot so if you'rea job you know

or your daily routine requires a lot ofstanding or sitting again the blood is pooling and this iswhy exercise is so important for the legs and I'll be sharing some great exercises for increasing thatcirculation and improving those varicose veins so stay tune also you know it can beinherited unfortunately if your mom and yourgrandmother had a lot have this varicosity even on yourfather side as well

ORGASM EXPERIMENT Orgasms Without Getting Touched

Oh boy, this tutorial is gonna be so weird, and awesome, and magical, and super duper wild ! so here's what's gonna happen, three friendsof mine will experience energy sex, on camera and maybe even have an energy orgasm forthe first timetheir lives ! craziness !okay,case you ask yourself, what the f*** is energy sex. Energy is sex is when yourpartner gives you pleasure without even touching

your body. sometimes people can even havesomething called an energy body orgasm, so a real physical orgasm but without being touched.And I thought, man, this really got to be explored, and you see i really believe inenergy, like a lot ! and so i wanted to take an objective experiment and see what happensto girls who experience an energy orgasm session for the first time. And here is what happen. My name is Ashley, I'm american from the States, born and raisedDetroit and also Chicago. My name is Naia Leigh, I'm 30 years old andI'm from Minneapolis, minnesota.

My name is Simona, i am 33 and I'm from Italy. I'm feeling anxious,a good way, i justwant to know what's it's gonna be like. I've nerve had an energy orgasm before. i feel really open to the experience and toreally dive deep within. I have no expectations for today, and i feellike i'm just exploring, i don't wanna have any attachment to the outcome. i'm really excited to experience somethingnew. I'm Satya, I'm from Denmark. I do energy orgasmus,I really enjoy helping people, and see the

transformationpeople. nothing more beautiful, to see the eyes, theface, of somedy who came out of transformation. it's really great. we have different energy centersour body,each one when they expand, it's like an orgasmitself, so we can feel love around thewhole being, and that can feel like an orgasm itself. energy orgasmus, it's the movement of energyin the body, it's really natural, but it's also an activation of some the sexual chakrasof course, the sexual energgy.

And we gonna release a little bit first sothat energy more naturally flows, and then we gonna see how it will expandthe body.I might touch you, I might not touch you. I might just have a hand above you, i mightask you to breathea certain way to help support the whole session. I feel so vulnerable right now. I feel vulnerable. I am nervous. allow yourself to be who you are. just get it out.

i can believe I did that! i experienced somethingincredible. i feel like this has been the most courageousand most scary thing I've ever done. It's scary, and it's hard, and it's totallyworth it ! I've been able to experience things i neverthought i would. I just made room for more love tonight. And that is awesome. I reallydo believethe message. Andthe power of the message. And if i can show up and betotally vulnerable and cry my eyes out, and

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