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GRAPHIC: Mora Healthcare Law, About Our Firm Alejano Mora: Our firm is dedied to representinghealth care facilities and health care practitioners. GRAPHIC: Alejano Mora, Attorney at Law We deal exclusivelythis area of law, andwe understand the complex challenges at the state and federal level that affect both thepractitioner and the facility owner, and we're committed to adessing those issues. Healthcare law is a complex area of the law. The regulatory framework at the state level andfederal level poses unique and complex challenges to both the provider business and the individualpractitioner. Growing up as a child, I saw

the value that my father, a physician, receivedfrom having specialized representation, and I wanted to fill that role as well to my clients. GRAPHIC: Mora Healthcare Law, Office Loions,Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, San Antonio, TX, Toll Free: 8005531167, MoraHealthCareLaw End of Overview audio.

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