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Reiki master meets Jesus

Hi, my name is Liz. I'm from Scotland.I'm a Reiki Master healer. Today, I've been baptized withthe Holy Spirit. I've come to Christ and haverepented from my sins. Leave her! Come out,Jesus' name.Demon, go! If you readthe Bible, it's a form ofwitchcraft, voodoo and things like that. When I saw that, I went, quot;Oh, my God.I've been doing that.quot; That day we know one thing:guilty, guilty, guilty.

I am guilty and deserve hellbecause God is good and I'm not. I was leading everybody away from Jesus,away from Christ through other forms of healing. But whenI saw Jesus healing on the streets myself Be healed, right now. It's fine. Reallyé Look at that. Look how simpleand beautiful that is. I can't wait to tell my story. I'm Liz. I used to be a Reiki healer.until two weeks ago.

Just two weeks before that, I foundsome tutorials on YouTube about healing people on the street. And you feel it nowé God, I thank you,because the pain is going to go right now. Try to feel the pain now. Yeah, it's loose. Where is the painé Now it's gone. Now it's your turn. Where do you have. In my head Where do you have painé Like right here.

God thank you for healing. Thankyou because the pain is going to go. Try to feel the head. No! I don't feel no pain, bro. Now the pain is gone. I'm serious! I don't even know him. I could see instant healing,people being healed on the street and I just thought, quot;Oh, what's thiséquot;

Every pain has to goright now,Jesus name! For realé Amen. Check it. It's gone. Amen Seriouslyé Amen. Yeah, sure. That's weird, man!

With me being a Reiki Master,a Reiki healer, it's like. why isn't that happeningwhen I treat peopleé People feel nice and relaxedand calm when they leave and have great testimonies at the end, but, they don't get completely healedwith the Reiki healing. And I felt, quot;This isn't right. There issomething not right here.quot; It just doesn't sit right with me. I kept watching Torben's healing tutorials.

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Ragdale Hall Gardensmov

bjbjLULU Hello, my name s Andy and I havebeen Head Gardener at Ragdale for the past 21 years. Over that period we have made manychanges to the grounds at the Hall we ve been restoring the original areas, updating theplantings and creating new areas for our guests to relax or take exercise in. Like many areasof Ragdale we never stand still and we re always aiming to provide a pleasant and wellmaintained environment for our guests. My two colleagues and myself may well be familiarfaces to those of you who are regulars at Ragdale, but if you re a new visitor or thinkingof making a first visit please don t hesitate to ask any questions about our grounds oryour own garden. We re only too happy to help.

We have a short slide show of areas we havebeen working onthe recent years and hopefully this will give you an insight into our grounds.Some general views of our walled garden here with one of my favourite shrubs viburnum plaummarisia, a very good shrub for spring flowering, has some flowers for a good number of weeks.A close up of the flowers there. A geranium macarisium, a very good little perennial fory banks or shady areas. Some more general views here of our walled garden and swimmingpool area. Nice Japanese maple on that one, genista hispanica, another good shrub fora y bank. That s a cedarus diadara, a weeping cedar, that is 18 years old that one, oneof the first ones I planted. Some general

views of our moat, front lawns and the Virginiacreeper there growing across our outdoor pool. Wild iris there, Irish sudo acorus with theyellow flower and one of our longest residents at Ragdale, our coy carp. At least 20 yearsold we believe, that one. Some more general views of the front lawn. Planting outsidethe dining room area. Euphorbia walthaniai, good plant for architectural effect. And theres our Verandah Terrace. Some more general shots of the walled garden with our fish pond,a nice sheltered seating areathe summer. We hope you have enjoyed this short clip,please feel free to leave any comments and we hope to see you at the Hall soon. Hello,my name s Andy and I have been Head Gardener

at Ragdale for the past 21 years thall Normalthall Microsoft Office Word Ragdale Hall Hello, my name s Andy and I have been Head Gardenerat Ragdale for the past 21 years Title Microsoft Office Word Document MSWordDoc Word.Document.8.

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