Reiki Healing Center Miami

Deaf Community Healing and Prayer Circle

Hello, I am jessalyn Akerman frank This vlog purpose is to to give you some information about this upcoming Thursday event. The event is at Hidden Falls. The Community Healing and Prayer circle Some o f you asked if you had to belong to specific religion

No, this is event is not based on any religion but welcomes all The purpose of the gathering is unique to each and every individual. We are providing a quot;shared spacequot; With the invitation for you to come and share your thoughts express your feelings take turns sharing information but it is not required.

We have a short prayer that is neutral. People from the community make take turns sharing thoughts, feelings. There will be candlelight part of the ceremony. that will honor all people.

and reflect We want to recoginze diversity recognize individuals remind ourselves through this that we are all human Take the opportunity to look at one and another hold hands and stand with each other give the feeling of hope

opportunity for healing express how we are feeling, share what we need to When the candlelight ceremony is done some people will walk to the river and toss flowers to honor people and those who have died I uploaded some pictures and a tutorial

for you I hope this helps guide to where is Hidden Fallsé If you are still struggling to find it please feel free to contact me through text 651 403 9431 I will be happy to help you and guide you to the event.

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