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Reiki reiki healing healing techniques

Reiki reiki healing healing techniquesReiki reiki healing healing techniques Reiki reiki healing healing techniquesReiki reiki healing healing techniques Reiki reiki healing healing techniques.

RoleplayPortuguese Roleplay em Portugus Reiki Session

Hi! How are youé What is your nameé Oh. Well, I am Juliana I am here because I am your therapist and I will make your Reiki session. Is this your first timeé Yeahé Well, since this is your first time.

before we begin, I will talk to you a little bit about Reiki. Is that oké Alright then. Reiki is an ancient art of healing practiced since the dawn of mankind. It means quot;universal energy of unconditional lovequot;. It helps to undo the energetic blockages of the human being

and provides welfare, harmony. It reflectsthe physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. I will be channeling the universal energy through my hands.

With that, I'll rebalance your vital energy. Oké And this energy coming out of my hands is able to find it's own way through your body. It will be channeled to wherever you need cure

Allrighté So, let's begin. You can lie down and relax. Relax every muscleyour body. Relax. Are you comfortableé Great!

Let's start then. I already started to channel the energy. The first session is different for each person. Oké It may be that you do not feel anything and it may be that you have different sensations. Like cold, heat.

ASMR Sleep Reiki and Hand Movements for Relaxation

Hi, welcome. I hope you have been not waiting too long. Because I was a little busy. Oh, you are just arrivedé That's great! OK, how are youé Sleepless, surely 🙂 Then let's go directly to the subject. Just a moment, please!

First, I want to ask you a few questions. . so I can know your problem. Thanks! At first, your name and surname please. Yes. Now, can I have your telephone number please. Because after the seance maybe I would you enlighten again. . or we have forgetten something to talk.

Yes, your cellphone number would be better. Well, when was your insomnia started. . or since how long you have this problemé Can you share me some details that you rememberé So if I have understood you correctly, you can't fall asleep easilyé Is that your real problemé Is there still something to talk about or noté . OK! No, don't worry! We see these problems mostly at students.

. and people who working too much. Well, what is your jobé Ah, that's it! These kind of jobs are very stressful. I think that your problem has to do with that! Now I want to try something with you, this is a technique that I new developed. The seance content will be as follows.

In this new technique that I developed, I will with using delta waves. . and a little reiki your time to fall asleep or why not. I hope I will be successful to get you fall asleep. This is a technique that I have developed for my observations. Do you accept ité . OK. Alright, if there aren't any problems, we can start now! For the beginning I have a little request to you. . and that is to keep your eyes open as possible!

Are we okayé . Perfect! OK, here we go 🙂 Are you readyé So, empty your mind and relax! And imaging yourself at a peaceful place. For example, you area beach. And only that you can hear are the waves. It's okayé . Great!

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