Reiki For Pain

5 minute Reiki Healing Transmission wCallie

Welcome to this 5 minute Reiki Healing Transmissionwith me! Callie. All you have to do is just take some deep breaths, relax, and then openup to receive the energy. Thank you so much for joining. That was your little 5 minute Reiki blast with me, Callie. I offer private sessions online, on the phone, orperson hereSanta Monica. I hope you will join me! onenesswithin Sending you lots of love!!!.

Shoulder pain healed instantly Faster than any treatments and no ugs needles or tools needed

W: She has pain here on her shoulderIH: ok. IH: Right here├ęG: yes. W: She said her ok now. W: Do it once more. IH: Hahaha. W: OK.G: Thank you .

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