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Healing Light Energy Full Body Scan Guided Meditation

welcome this is a guided body scan for healing your mind, body and spirit During this session a healing light will flood over your body from your feet to your head Mar this meditation has been made with intentions of healing

and feelings of unconditional love andcompassion for every person who participates after it was written, a prayer and meditation was spoken over it so that the light and healing energy isalways active whenever you choose to use thisparticular meditation before we begin, you'll relax with some breathing exercises you may either sit or lie down, whichever is most comfortable for you if you wish to go to sleep after, themeditation can be used when you go to bed

now, close your eyes and lay one of your hands on your solar plexus and one on your stomach take the deepest breath that you canthrough your nose then release it imagine that a healing light is beginning to shine and that each breath you take, you inhale some of this light breatheagain

hold your breath for a few seconds and then breathe out the healing light attached itself to your lungs sparkling exhale the old air and awgleaming light now the light intensifies, beginning at your feet you may imagine it coming from the heart of the universe or channeled through Healing Hands whatever works for you. Anything youimagine will work effectively

the light is a radiant white like moon beams falling onto snow, yet warm as lyingthe Sun the light slides through your skin intoyour bones and blood into the very atoms that make up yourbody when it touches anything thatrequires healing, it become stronger, hotter

its particles dispersing where they are needed the healing light works at a far deeper level than we can see slowly, the light moves up your lower legs to your knees then to your thighs into your fingertips and up your arms where it passes, it leaves afeeling of gentleness of relaxation and peace you may feel tingling, the sensations of warmth

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At the foot of the Kunlun Mountainsthe His, within the Indian state of Kashmir, is Ladakh. Here, Tibetan culture permeates every corner. The monastery door are open, gongs and strident trums sound, fusing with the reitive swirling prayers emanating from the mills. The pungent smell of yak butter ifts up from the sacred enclosure, impregnating every room;

the reitive echo of mantras fill the air. In the shadows of the central chamber, monks and faithful pray: only candlelight pierces the darkness where they worship Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, the man who more than 2,500 years ago achieved illumination through profound meditation. And so these monks meditate as he did,

the hope of achieving the virtues of goodness and wisdom.

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