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Reiki Healing Information Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing. You can very easily andeffectively balance your chakras with this very simple technique. You can cup your handsover the loion of each of your major chakras, starting with your root chakra and thinkingof itits primary color of red. Then you see the chakra spinning open clockwise downinto the earth. Then you go to your second chakra which is orange as its primary color,the sacral chakra and you imagine it spinning open clockwise as wellits beautiful orangecolor. Then you move to your third chakra, your solar plexus chakra and its primary coloris yellow. Once again, visualize that chakra spinning open and clockwise. Then you go toyour heart chakra, the fourth chakra which

is both green and pink; green for healing,pink for love and you visualize that chakra spinning nice and opening clockwise with thosetwo primary colors of green and pink. Then you have your throat chakra, the fifth chakra;spinning nice and open and clockwiseits primary color of blue. So blue for the fifthchakra for your throat. Then you have your third eye chakra. You want to see it spinningnice and opening clockwiseits primary color of indigo and violet. Beautiful indigo,violet colors spinning nice and open and clockwise. Then your seventh chakra is your crown chakra.And you want to visualize that chakraits primary color of white, maybe with a littlebit of gold spinning nice and open above your

head. If you feel like you need to clear yourchakras, you can spread your fingers open and rake them through your, each of your chakrasin a counter clockwise motion for eleven times. When you're finished with that, then you canflick the energy, the unwelcome energy, down into the earth with a little breath, quot;hoohquot;,transmute that energy into love energy via the earth energies. Then take your hand backand spin your chakraits proper clockwise motion seeing itits particular primarycolor. This way you can keep your chakra system healthy, it will be metabolizing those energiesfor your highest good at all times.

Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing How to Receive Reiki Attunement

Hi, this is Eileen Dey and I'm coming to youon behalf of Expert Village with how to do Reiki attunement. Reiki masters traditionallygive attunementsa Reiki classes and what they are about involved opening up ones auraand whole body to receiving the universal energy so we're able to work with it thatmuch more clearly. And so students take this time to go within, relax, focus on their breath,and most importantly they give themselves permission to receive. As a Reiki master itis my responsibility to create safe space so that and individual can go and receivethis energy. And into this space we bring about Reiki symbols which we'll talk aboutin Reiki II. And so for this attunement, the

first symbol, the power symbol, is broughtforth and brought into an individual's crown, into their forehead, their third eye, intotheir heart. All of these are signifying bringing oneness and wholeness into an individual'ssystem. And finally, a blessing of the hand to bring forth the light and healing thatReiki does offer. And also, for an individual to realize that they have that power to doself healing. Each level of Reiki training involves differentattunements and each attunement is an individual's own unique experience. And watch our nextsegment on the process of coming to oneness.

Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing Practicing Reiki with Others

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Villageand this segment is working with others on Reiki. It's very important to have the personyou're working on give you permission to give Reiki. You can't force Reiki. So whether youask out loud or you askyour mind's eye, they give themselves permission to receive.And as a Reiki practitioner then we just gently rest our hands on the body or off the bodyand as a practitioner, again, it's important to get out of the way to let the energy flow.And as we hold the space for the energy to flow we may sense different phenomena, therecipient might sense different energy. We just hold one to three minutes is generallyprescribed for each hand position. And at

that time a practitioner moves about againeither on the body or off the body, with respective boundaries. Giving Reikia chair is probablyone of the most common forms of a treatment but Reiki is also able to be given massagetable, while a person is standing or resting. There's no time limit for treatment, it canbe five minutes it can be an hour. And what's wonderful is that as a practitioner you walkaway from a treatment feeling energized yourself because you yourself are a channel, receivingthe energy first, and then the recipient receives so it's win, win for both of you. If an individualhas a trouble area like a headache you can apply your hands directly to that position.But also remember that Reiki goes exactly

where it's needed. And at the end the individualneeds to be grounded and their energy field smoothed out and so both practitioner anecipient come back to center. And watch our next segment on ethical guidelines.

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