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5 minute Reiki Healing Transmission wCallie

Welcome to this 5 minute Reiki Healing Transmissionwith me! Callie. All you have to do is just take some deep breaths, relax, and then openup to receive the energy. Thank you so much for joining. That was your little 5 minute Reiki blast with me, Callie. I offer private sessions online, on the phone, orperson hereSanta Monica. I hope you will join me! onenesswithin Sending you lots of love!!!.

You should not put your head to the North and sleep Sadhguru

Hello, I wanted to know basically which side you should keep your head while sleeping. Some say to the north, some say to south. Whichever side, right now you should not sleep. So generallyIndia they told you, you should not put your head to the north and sleep. You are aware of thisé If you put your head to the north and sleep, demons will come and ch you. Something like this they told you. Why this is, is if you know something about geography and all this,

the development of the planet; the North Pole is pulling all the land upward. The Indian subcontinent is moving up approximately four centimeters per year. That's the reason why the Hin range is still growing is because the Indian subcontinent is just piling up. You must calculate how many years it will take for India to disappear into the foothills of His. It's happening. We are losing the country. Four… four centimeters per year we are losing the nation, it's moving upward because of the pull of the northern hemisphere it is going.

And the, because the geological content of the rock is such, the rock up therethe central Asia is so much harder than what is here. It is going and just piling up. His becoming taller and taller, India becoming smaller and smaller. You know why you should control your populationé So such a strong pull is there from the North Pole that the very landmass is moving upward. And you know the magnetic pull… magnetic field, magnetic pull of the planet, North Pole and South Pole, you know all those things. Which substance does a magnet pull very easilyé Iron.

Suppose you are anemic and you go to your what does your prescribe for youé Iron. So an important ingredientyour blood is iron. If you put your head to the north and sleep during the night when you, when you arehorizontal positions then slowly the blood will get pulled towards your brain. When there is too much circulationthe brain you cannot sleep peacefully. It will keep you disturbed; demons will bother you. It won't let you sleep. If you have any kind of, you know inherently weak aspectsyour brain

or if you are of old age you could dieyour sleep. One can have hemorrhage because extra blood is trying to enter the brain where the blood vessels are hair like. Something extra is being pushed because of the magnetic pull. When you area vertical position this is not so. The moment you become horizontal this pull on the head is so strong that slowly the blood tries to move towards the brain. So to avoid this, this is true onlythe northern hemisphere.

If you go to Australia you should not put your head to the south. If you areIndia you should not put your head to the north. You can put it any other way, it's okay. If you are not aware of this,the northern hemisphere everything turns clockwise. If you open your tap the water will be clockwise, have you noticed thisé If you go to Australia and open your tap the water will be anticlockwise. You are not aware of thisé If you go to the equator line, where the equator isany part of the world, usually they will be demonstrating this.

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