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Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing What is a Reiki Circle

This is Eileen Dey for Expert Village andin this segment we'll talk about what is a Reiki circle. One of the cornerstones of Reikicommunity are the Reiki circles or sharers that are created by the Reiki practitionerscoming together and giving and receiving treatments. It's a wonderful way of fostering communityand also getting your own Reiki needs met. It's beautiful and healthy to have a treatmentevery week or every other week. Each community has a different schedule. Reiki circles themselveslast about two hours to three hours and run the gamut. Some incorporate music, some aremore serious, it's really up to the Reiki master. So any Reiki individual can find acircle near them. In this next segment we'll

talk about bringing Reiki into the community.

The Shamans of North Point 2 Divine Intervention 2 The Hong Kong Agent Episode

I had my first experience withshamanism when I was very young, about 6 years old. One day after school, I felt a painthe leftside of my chest, so I told my parents about it. My parents misunderstoodmy condition to be an early stageof heart disease. They were very worried,

but instead of sendingme to the , they took me to seemy Aunty So. Aunty So is from Fujian a province on the Southeastcoast of China. She now livesNorth Pointor little Fujian a district on Hong Kong island. She is a Dang Ki. A powerful shaman.

The god that possessesher is named General Li. Shamans who have their owngod can do anything, because the god's poweris absolute. For example if a ghost or spiritis disturbing a person, the god can punish the ghostand get rid of them. he most important thing is thatgods are always good. Aunty So doesn't operatein a temple, she operates out of her ownflatNorth Point.

Her flat is dividedhalf, the right side is fornormal living, and the left side is theshaman's workspace, where Aunty So regularlygets possessed. After I enter the room Aunty So lights threeincense sticks, then she calls to General Li. “Please General Li, please come,

your client is here, so please come�.“Please General Li, please come, your client is here, so please come�. Then she just sitsa chair, and folds her legs under her. After a few seconds she startsto act like she is going to vomit. Moments later she stops, and begins to speak ina male voice, calling me Xinnu female believer.

She no longer recognisesme as her niece. She then starts to healmy pain by massaging and blowing windon the left side of my chest. During the healing process, my aunt, who is usually a niceand friendly relative who loves me dearly, changes into a totallydifferent person. She seems to be unk,

Spiritual Transmissionattuning to the teaching beneath the words Jon Bernie nonduality satsang

simple Zen bells music The essential communiion that is expressed here is actually nonverbal. But, because we podcast these. laughter people expect to hear something. Especially since they ove a long wayto get here, we're forced to talk about something.

verbally. But there's a kind of communiion thatis referred to oftenthis kind of teaching environment the direct path of teaching which is called quot;transmissionquot;. And you've probably heard that word, or you have a pretty strong sense of what it is, or you don't know what the heck itis and you're wondering, quot;What is he talking aboutéquot;

So I thought I'd say a little bit about that. Maybe um . give some hints about it. So, the first thing is that the transmission is . not verbal even though it can include verbal. And, when you hear the word quot;transmissionquot; youthink well transmitter which is sending some kind of signal out, and implying

there's a receiver. If there is a transmissionthere's some kind of reception. I mean that's our linear, simplistic way of thinking about it. Sothere's usually a sense of you knowthere's a transmission frompoint A and it goes over to point B. Okay. And that's not exactly what that's not really what transmission is.Even though what's referred to as transmission couldbe experienced

kind of like that. Like you kind of getwhat do they say quot;zappedquot; by the Guru. You know, all of a sudden there's some kind of energy hit that you can feel, some power, shakti. And that is often referred to as a kind of transmissionthis sense here. But what happens is that as an individual becomes more

familiar with their deep openness, their spacious presence of being, awakened consciousness, then this . um . how can I . oh this is tricky . I don't know how to follow that sentence. laughs Sorry, I lost that one. I'll try it a different way.

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