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How To Make Paint Swirls with Liquitex Pouring Medium

Hi, my name is Ray Dombroski. In today's tutorialI'm going to show you how to make paint swirl effects using acrylic ink and Liquitex PouringMedium and with this you'll get some really cool swirly, psychedelic looking paint effects. So let me start out by showing you the materialsI've got. This is acrylic ink and I'll put the brandthe show notes on my blog. I'vegot some squeeze bottles. I've got the Liquitex Pouring Medium. For later after everythingis done, I've got some Matte Medium and the reason is the pouring medium ies to a glossso if you're going to photograph or scan your piece after it's done, you'll probably wantto knock down some of the glare. The last

material I have is actually the board it goeson and it is Gessoed Art Board and this one's by Speedball, but that gives you a nice whitesurface to start with. The other thing I have is just some paper towels and I've also builtkind of a container box and the reason is when you do this pouring medium, it's goingto, no matter what, it's going to spill up the side and there's not a lot of controlinvolved so basically you want to ch all the ink that runs off. So I'll go ahead and start by mixing up thisink. So what you want to do is just start with a little bit of ink. I'll putthreeor four opper fulls and then this is also

not an exact science. You just want to pourin some pouring medium and I'll just give it a good squirt. That's probably enough.So put your cap back on and make sure it's on tight. Shake it up and just do that forthe rest of the colors and I'll speed some of this up so you don't have to watch allof itslow motion. By the way, when this is done, I'm going to scan it and you'll beable to download it to useyour own artwork if you'd like and that's on my blog. Justfollow the links below the tutorial. What you'll find is when you do this, youbasically have control of when you put the ink down. After that it's up to gravity andhow the ink wants to flow and you'll see what

I mean. You know I'm starting to think weneed some darker colorshere and I had some purple left over from a previous attempt.So I would recommend not being afraid of the medium. Just go for it. See what happens andyou might be pleasantly surprised. This is about where I ended up with the inksandthis state, it's still very fluid so what I did here is I just let it y overnight and you'll be amazed at how much the inks kind of ran and blended together to createsomething completely different than what you see here. So if you'd like to see that and also downloada high resolution file you can useyour

own artwork, just go to the links below thetutorial and it'll take you to my blog where you can see that. Thanks for watching.

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