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My journey's been quite a long one, and I've investigated different modalities, and even some energy healingthe past. I wanted to find all of the aspects of psychic training meditation. What brought me here was a disconnectmind, body, soul and spirit. I want to expand my knowledge and

get into the reiki healing and energy healing. It's been, it's been magical. It feels like it's just been a real adventure. Every time I feel great. You'll feel like a comfortable, and amazing, and things changed every time.

So like every week is different. It's really harmonious, you know, It's a really lovely, boutique atmosphere. It's the most intense meditation course I've ever done. Finally, I'm at the place I supposed to be, and I have that strong, strong feeling, I can be myself, and no one's limiting me. No one is telling me what to do and how to do it.

And it's great. I love it. So the process of finding my truth really has been around that, the meditation, and, time for selfreflection, as well, and also working with the people that are coming on this journey with me. One of the big things that I've noticed are

how wellsuited my group was, how we contributed to each other's journey, so really it was quite a holistic sort of developmentthat way. Feeling like I've got people around me who are similar, and because I've been quite lonely before, I've felt like I'm different and crazy.

Now it feels better. I think the main thing that it's helped me with emotionally is actually dealing with the emotion as it happens, as opposed to having an emotional reaction to something can sitting on it, or allowing that to be stored physicallymy body,


Make yourself comfortable, sit or lie down,make sure you will not be interrupted. If you have time, make your space pleasingto you, letsome fresh air, maybe use some essential oils to add another sensory experience. Grab a comfortable cushion or your favouriteblanket; you could even do this meditation while taking a hot, relaxing bath. If you tend to fall asleep during meditationslying down and want to stay awake, I would recommend to sit up comfortably. The key to this meditational healing is toindulgerelaxation, selflove and care.

Everythingthis world is energy, solid,dense, invisible or light, perceived with eyes, skin or ears, it is all energy. Our thoughts and feelings are also energy. This Universe is an inclusion based Universe,which means that like attracts like and all what we feel and think about gets includedinto our reality. The more we feel and think about whether itis good or bad the more evidence then we will findour reality to confirm our feelingsand thoughts. s you sit or lie down start to relax yourlegs and shoulders, focus on softening, getting

as soft as you can and listen to the pulland force of gravity which will help you bring so much ease into your body. The force of gravity is grounding you downand this has such an amazing relaxing and strengthening effect on your body. Feeling gravity lets you fall into more parasympatheticnervous system, therefore you can staya more calm state during this guided meditation. So take a big breath into your belly and tryto inflate the back of your waist as you breathe in.

Feel the breath go down all the way to thepelvic floor and relax your jaw and as you exhale, exhale out of your mouth, and as youexhale completely at the end of your breath, op your bones, make them even heavier. (breatheand out)Begin to just comb through your body with breath and put your focus primarily at theend of each exhale and allow each exhale to make your body even more relaxed, really anchoredand more expanded, like a puddle growing bigger. (breatheand out)When you become really relaxed your quality of listening alters.

It's not a surface kind of listening, it'sa whole body listening and this is what you want to tap into as we move through differentparts of body throughout this meditation. (breatheand out)Take another big breath into your belly, breathe into your organs and ench it with your breath. Breathe into the upper cavity of your chest,breathe into the base of your shoulder blades, then your armpits and now a make a reallybig breath out out of your mouth and op all of your tissues heavy onto the Earth. Keep your jaw soft and face spacious, thiscreates a space for potential and positive

experience inside and outside of your body. (breatheand out)Please make the following intention for this meditation: My intention is to be solutionorientated and appreciative human being who is aligned to all potential that is availablewithin me. Your body is like invariable chemical laboratoryand more than that it is like an electric circuit board; an electric circuit board ofthoughts which forms your body's state of being and shape. Your body is a mirror of your thoughts, feelingsand inner dialogue.

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