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How to receive Reiki training. Well firstyou need to find a Usui Reiki master teacher. And I would recommend that there are severaleasy ways to do this. One of course is the internet. You might find someyour phonebook, at your local health food store, natural food store. Or at your local metaphysicalbook store. Look for all reiki masters that teachyour area and find one that you resonatewith, trust your intuition on this. There's lots of teachers out there fortunately inthe United States now there's up to eight huned thousand estimated reiki masters.So you'll be able to find a teacher near you I'm sure. And just trust your intuition causeit's very important that you resonate with

the person that you are receiving this reikitraining with. Reiki is taughtthree degrees. In first degree which is usually taught overa weekend, a minimum of ten hours a class. You will learn history of reiki, the handplacements of reiki.You will receive four attunements and you'll also be introducedto the chakra system. You'll be able to practice reiki and learn all the steps and also receivereiki. In second degree reiki which is also taught over a period of ten hours over a weekend,you will receive the knowledge of the reiki symbols. Which are just conji that help youto focus your intent of your energy while doing reiki. You'll receive the knowledgeof learning about long distance reiki, you'll

receive two attunements. You'll learn moreabout the human energy field and other things about energy across the universe as well.In the third degree is also called the master degree. In tradional Usuri Reiki the thirddegree and the master teacher degree are combined into one, longer experience. When I teachmaster degree it's a very intense, intentful experience. So that when you are finishedwith your third degree you will also be able to teach if you so desire. In third degreeyou'll learn advanced reiki healing techniques. You'll learn how to give attunementswhichyou must audit several classesboth first and second degree wherein your second auditsyou will give attunements to the students

both first and second degree. You'll learnadvanced trainings that Usuri himself wrote about and you'll experience them as we practicewith each other on a regular basis. When you are finished with this training you will indeedbe able to call yourself a reiki master teacher. If you so desire you can teach, if you wantto keep the knowledge to yourself and help your friends and family that is wonderfulalso. Reiki is a wonderful gift to learn for yourself as you'll learn valuable life toolsthat will assist youevery way for your highest good on your life path.

Reiki Tmoignage des Bienfaits du Reiki par Bibiana Cancers Multiples Phase Terminale

The tutorial isFrench and Spanish.English Subtitles are available. Léa: Hello Everyone, we are Tony and Léa, Reiki practitioners. Today, we would like to speak about Bibiana Maria Orozco, a patient we have followed for a bit more than 10 days,her fight against cancer, hereIquitos, lostthe Peruvian Amazonian forest. Tony: Bibiana has multiple cancers throughout the digestive system (terminal stage). She had a partial removal of the stomach. She suffers also from many metastasis along the spine, from the hipes til the neck, which provokes a lot of pain to her. We really do thank Bibiana and her family for their testimony concerning the treatment we have made, particularly with Reiki. Many many thanks again, and now enjoy the tutorial. Bibiana: Good afternoon, I am Bibiana Maria Orozco and I am from Colombia. I am hereIquitos (Peru) with my brother and my sister. I have decided to come here, looking for a hope for life, thanks to the magnetic resonance, technique used here by the Miryam Häcker.

She advised me this very beautiful experience, that I have never lived before, like with my two friends Léa and Tony. They have remained close to me and have practised Reiki. And the truth is that after my arrival here, about ten days ago, I felt a rather important change at the energetic level. Indeed, for example today, I am feeling stronger, happier, with more positive thoughts, with the deep feeling inside me that it becomes possible that they actively help to make me feel like that,a better shape. Because until now, I have never felt so bad. my back was hurting, I had a lot of painmy stomach, I never felt comfortable, and I felt my body paralyzed with all the heavy weight of pain. And today, very surprisingly, I wake up different, I am feeling different, I have much less pain, I stand straighter,

my stomach pain have improved of 7580%, and I think all of this is just much more positive. Tony and Léa have amazing hands, and each time they put them on my body, the truth is that I feel a real peacemy body and mind, I feel more relaxed, I feel comfortable. Her sister: they are our angels.Bibiana: Yes Indeed! . This is a very beautiful experience. I thank God for putting them on my way at this stage. Her sister: This is not by chance, but this is a synchronicity. Life is full of synchronicities, and this is what we have found here. Bibiana: And well, for example,this moment, you have been a great help for me, for sure, and if I can testify of all you have done for me, this is a way to thank you. His brother: This is the principle of thanking, and this is what she is doing, because my little sister approves a lot.

Indeed, as she said, she had a stooped posture, she used to speak very slowly, and standing up or lying down took her between 30 to 45 seconds. while today, she does it like everybody does, just with caution of course, and she speaks quickly as you can see it now. while before she used to speak veeeeryyyyy sloooowlyy, more or less with this voice. And the same for me, Tony and Léa, we are really greatful that you are here, exactly at this occasion. We can just notice that God has never come, but because he has sent His two angels. And this is for us just wonderful. Everything is made for my sister to be cherished by our family, friends, and everybody. Shall all of this continue this way, so that she remains still for long at our sides. I believe that everything shows that God approved: 'Yes, I am helping her'. Her sister: God agrees with this process and we pray for these very beautiful things. That you are here with us. Everything is wonderful for her,

because independently of what is going on here with the machines, the benefit of energy is a power. It allows her,a different way, to balance her chakras. And she can feel it by herself, this change, day by day, this is wonderful. Therefore, God bless you, and I thank God for sending you here. Bibiana: Romyé She is not here now with the little group I want to thank, it is the minimum. I would like to mention Romy, who has been a big support too, she has been very patient, and very available. Her brother: I would like to thank Miryam Häcker, for this lovely place. These are the things we should find back, simplicity, nature. real and simple. When somebody does not have money, he prefers to do simple things, and then, everything goes for the best. Her sister: and we should be more conscious and promote what you do, Reiki. This is marvelous. Bibiana: this is something which arises really with love, within love, which is actually dwelling us all. Her sister: it teaches us the importance of generosity, we must be generous with the ones who give, just like nature and life;

this is what transforms us really and makes us human. This is wonderful. Now, we are really conscious of all of that. Her brother: I can highlight the fact that they are volunteers, they do not earn any money, or soles (the Peruvian currency is the sol = sun translatedEnglish), or moon, or cent, or franc, or pound, or dollar. They do it with all the love they havetheir heart. And God bless you, for ever. And if you want that I translate itEnglish, just tell me! Léa: This testimony still makes us very emotional. Beautiful tutorial with wonderful people. We just wanted to add some precisions regarding our Reiki practicethis case. Bibiana had crisis (pain) regularly, mainly because of eating. Indeed, she was very nauxious, her belly was very painful, she was even crying out of pain. In the beginning, we just felt so helpless, we did not know what to try to make her feel better. Then, we decided to try Reiki.

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Reiki working symbiotically with traditionalAllopathic Medicine is a very important topic. One that I held the highest hope for thatas we continue to grow with the understanding of Reiki and more people learning Reiki thatit will be demanded of our systems and our medical systems to utilize ittheassistance of us all healing much faster and thoroughly and holistically. Currently, thereare only about a handful of states across the country who use Reikia setting;California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Southern Florida, Northern Ohio, Michigan,New York; especially New York City. So it is there, it is happening. How does this benefitthe patient to have Reiki available at the

and then we can talk about that withthe, at the 's office as well. When, it is ally known that Reikiassists the patienthealing up to seventy five times faster than if they didn't receiveit and that their duration is often at least half the time as if they did notreceive the Reiki before the surgery. Some s allow the Reiki to be done duringthe surgery, that keeps the patients body warm and allows the body to heal faster andthen of course, there's post surgical Reiki which obviously allows the body to heal muchmore fast and get you out of that even faster and let your body tissues heala whole lot easier and faster when you are

doing the Reiki before and after your surgery.Working with the 's offices to help patients stay calm, when they learn bad newswould be a viable tool for Reiki. Some of the minor injuries or even broken arms, brokenlegs after it has been set allowing the Reiki to go and help that body heal, help the swellingto go away, help the patient to remain more calm would be just inviable. And a complimentarymedicine way Chiropractic would be inviable to have Reiki around 'cause it really addspower to once the spine is align, Reiki helps that alignment to seteven stronger. Somoving forward, I hope thatmy lifetime that we see Reiki being utilizedevery setting and traditional Allopathic

setting across the country. It will happenand it'll be a tremendous healing benefit for all of us.

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