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Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing Understanding Chakras while Practicing Reiki

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Villageandthis segment we'll talk about understanding the Chakras. Chakras are a Hindu term thatrefer to the concept of the wheel. In ancient India sages were able to look into the energyfield of an individual and see wheelsmotion. These are our energy centers through whichReiki, Chi, Prana flow. And as a Reiki practitioner one becomes aware of these centers. Thesecenters have different sounds, these centers have different colors. So the combinationof sound healing and color healing also effect the subtle energy system. In the next segmentwe'll cover the topic of the levels of Reiki.

Gendai Reiki Shoden Level 1 Class

Hi, this is Kay Lowell of Spiritual, Health,and Wellness Center. I'd like to ask you a few questions regarding your health.Are you tired, stressed, anxious, maybe having problems sleeping at nightéWell, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then Reiki (Ray Key) might helpsolve your problems. ReikiéYes, Reiki. Well, I've never even heard of Reiki. I don'teven know what it does. Well, today is your lucky day, because I amgoing to explain to you what the Reiki Method is, the benefits of the Reiki Method, andhow the Reiki Method you increase your energy

levels, reduce your stress, and help you sleepbetter at night. I could spend 8 hoursthis tutorial alonetelling you what Reiki is, but I'm not going to that right now. I'm going to keep itbrief. In short, Reiki (RayKey), was discoveredin 1922. And what this safe, noninvasive method does is it helps reduce your stress,increase your energy levels, and helps you feel happier with your life.I don't know about you, but I would much rather use something that is safe and natural tokeep me healthy, rather than taking ugs that have potential side effects that coulddamage my health

I'd also like to know how to do this techniquefor myself, rather than having to go to someone every time I feel tired or stressed or anxious.Sign up today to learn how the Reiki Method can help you. Investyour health and wellbeing.Aren't you tired of feeling badé the Register Button below this tutorial, today.Thanks for that explanation. That class sounds like something I really need. I'm goingto click that button today to register for this class. And I'm also going to visityour website at spiritualhealthandwellnesscenter .


Severin Good morning. I'm sure if we wait five more minutes then the other 500 people will (laughs) cometo join us, butthe interest ofstaying on schedule, actually there's no one inhere after us, I believe, so we won't be terribly rigorous

about this schedule this morning, but thank you those of you who came to our session this morning. I'm the first speaker this morning. I'll be offering an introduction to the session, and then I'm very gratefulto all of our participants who've come to join us.

I'll be introducing them individually. So, this paper, now entitled quot;American Indian Metaphysics: An Introduction.quot; In thinking about how to introduce this morning's session convened into consider the writings of Vine Deloria,

I found myselfa bit of a dilemma. I could, of course, begin with some sort of opening statements about Deloria himself, about his vital role as aNative American activist and savvy critic of anthropology, about the way his critiques shaped, reshaped the discipline

at the close of the 1960s, about how he effectively brought to an end the classic period ofAmerican Indian ethnography. A historicizing ofDeloria and his effects, this would have been theresponsible way to begin. On the other hand, I might have begun with aset of personal reflections. Many of us who studyNative American history

have an intimate relationshipwith Deloria's critiques. We've defined ourselvesresponse to his now classic parodies of the anthro and to his principled unwillingness to hand over epistemological privilege to Western science. Deloria is personalfor Native Americaniststhe same way that Said

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