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Hi. I'm Rene Love. I am director of the of Nursing Practice Program at the University of Arizona College of Nursing. I'm also a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Since 2004, the American Association ofthe Colleges of Nursing has recommended that all advance practice nurses be edued atthe al level for their terminal degree. The al program builds upon what wouldhave been the traditional masters program. As a DNP student, you will explore areassuch as scientific underpinnings of practice,

healthcare policy,leadership, and quality improvement. The DNP program really allows youto look at population health issuesaddition to individual health. If you are considering thecomingadvance practice nurse, why would you not get a DNP degreeƩ The changing healthcare environment,the aging population, and multiple other healthcare issues arising on a daily basis need nursingleadership and guidance.

As a DNP graduate, you will be prepared to takeon these leadership roles, advanced policy, examine population health andadvance al practice guidelines to provide the very best care for patients. The DNP degree has allowed us toalign with other health care providers who have al degrees as a terminal degree. We now come to the table as leaders and expertsin adessing healthcare issues with physicians, pharmacists, and physical therapists. When you earn your DNP degree, manymany doors will be open to you.

You can consider things like health care policywork, leadership roleslarge organizations, informatics, and bringing the best qualityhealthcare into your individual practice. It really is up to you and whatdirection you would like to go. Workingacademia, I believe that the mostrewarding experience is watching a new student come into the DNP program and as they progressalong, their thinking transformshealthcare, leadership, and all the 8essentials of the DNP degree. It is at that moment when they say AHA! and they realize that they reallyhave changed the way that they look

at advanced practice nursing and healthcare. It's a most rewarding experience andopportunity that I have as the DNP director.

Terribly Toxic to Terrifically Tranquil My Journey to Holistic Nursing

Music gt;gt; So just a couple years ago I was facing my fortieth birthday anda little life I thought, I'm a little bit toxic. I wasone of those highstress jobs, working 60 hours, plus being on call, and it wasn't really how I wanted to be living my life. And thinking I was interestedalternative medicine, always looking at different ways to do thingsorder

to take care of myself, I changed my career path and I came here to my local community college to teach nursing, and I was so happy. It was a big change. I enjoyed my days, I enjoyed my work. It just really made me feel like I was on the right path, I wasa tranquil, happy place. Two weeks into that coming home from work my legs go out from

under me and I can't move. I go to the for a week and I find out that I have degenerative disk disease. The says my spine looks like the spine of an 80 year old. Now what do I do. I had just started on this great self care path and I was feeling good and, boom,

I'm knocked into the . So I got to get back to tranquil, I got to get back to happy. So I use all my science, I use all my nursing, and I start reading and I start looking for who are the good docs, what is the new, good treatment, what can I do about this. I'm not going to stay unable to walk, unable to move.

So I follow through and I go through many treatments. I get on a lot of mediion, taking probably six to eight different meds a couple times a day. On a bad day with pain maybe 15 pills. When the pain gets really bad and I can't move, I gofor a oneday surgery and they inject all kinds of chemicals into my spine and that gets me up and moving again.

But I'm working here at Moraine and I'm happy. I like what I'm doing, I love my students. I can go to al, I can teach class. I'mpain a little bit every day, but I've got a pill for that. So I think I'm still on my tranquil path. About two years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to take a sabbatical here at Moraine, and being interested

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