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Ashati Energy Healing and Reiki Program

My journey's been quite a long one, and I've investigated different modalities, and even some energy healingthe past. I wanted to find all of the aspects of psychic training meditation. What brought me here was a disconnectmind, body, soul and spirit. I want to expand my knowledge and

get into the reiki healing and energy healing. It's been, it's been magical. It feels like it's just been a real adventure. Every time I feel great. You'll feel like a comfortable, and amazing, and things changed every time.

So like every week is different. It's really harmonious, you know, It's a really lovely, boutique atmosphere. It's the most intense meditation course I've ever done. Finally, I'm at the place I supposed to be, and I have that strong, strong feeling, I can be myself, and no one's limiting me. No one is telling me what to do and how to do it.

And it's great. I love it. So the process of finding my truth really has been around that, the meditation, and, time for selfreflection, as well, and also working with the people that are coming on this journey with me. One of the big things that I've noticed are

how wellsuited my group was, how we contributed to each other's journey, so really it was quite a holistic sort of developmentthat way. Feeling like I've got people around me who are similar, and because I've been quite lonely before, I've felt like I'm different and crazy.

Now it feels better. I think the main thing that it's helped me with emotionally is actually dealing with the emotion as it happens, as opposed to having an emotional reaction to something can sitting on it, or allowing that to be stored physicallymy body,

Reiki Spiritual Healing Techniques Energy Channeling Healer Treatment Session Demonstration Workshop

Hello Friends. Welcome!(Turn Off Subtitles Below) Today I am here with Jess!quot;Hiya!quot; and we are going to be doing and a healing demonstration for you come tutorial, Just to give you the general way of giving healing. Each healing finds their own way of doing it! Now! Before you start, if a patient has got dangly earrings on or glasses, or something might obstruct when your healing, because you have got your eyes close.

You can ask them to take that off, and also, healing will pass through clothing no problem at all! You ask them to take of a large jacket, if they have a large jacket on of course, but if it is cold tell them to keep it on. The other thing is flowers, you do not want live flowersthe room because of allergies and stuff. So you just try to keep you patient relaxed as well. It is important to take shower, change your clothes before you do healing, because if you smell of smoke like I usually do, or you have a smelly or something,

That's quite off putting to the patient. So be nice and clean. You can also put some music onthe background. Which I notthis tutorial, because its a healing meditation and its going to be on YouTube and such like. Anyway we will get started! So if Jess can lay down here. Put your arms by your side, just keep your eyes open for now. So I am just going behind now.

The thing we want to do to begin with, is to, tuneto where we believe that healing is coming from. Some the healing powers come from God and other people believe, such as Reiki healers, that it is universal power. So you just link in, to what ever you believe. and you can ask for healing to the specific patients needs. So just before you start you can say to the patient, Do you know of anything you specifically need healing foré

quot;I don't!quot; No! So she is fine, she just needs a general healing that's fine. So those people when you are healing them, what you to heal what is wrong with them don't they! So! Other than that you give a general healing, which is holistic, the complete spirit. The way healing works is, it comes from spirit,through a spirit guide healer,

through your spirit, to the spirit of the patient. It heals the depletion ofthe patientand then passes onto the physical body or mind. So it is important to get your patient relaxed to begin with. So, the head, the mind. Whatever you have got wrong with you mentally or physically, its all going to bethe mind. So the thing you need to heal first is the mind. Just to help the person calm down.

Reiki Spiritual Protection

Now we are going to do a meditation for spiritualprotection. If you haven't already done so I suggest you get your notebook or yourjournal to write down your experiences after the meditation. Make yourself comfortable and if you haveReiki symbols aw them on your hands now. If you don't have symbols this process willwork appropriately for you as well. During this session allow yourself to be guidedto move your hands to other possible loions on your body oryour energy field if youfeel compelled to do so. I'd like you to imagine that it's a wonderfulday. A beautiful day. It's warm and sunny

and you are walking through a forest. Andyou can feel the presence of the plants and flowers and all the living things around you. And as you breatheto yourself you breathein the life essence, the energy of the forest. And with each step that you take just imaginethe energies of the earth are flowing up through the bottoms of your feet. And as you walkalong you come out to the edge of the forest and there before you is a beautiful meadow,full with flowers and plants and trees and beautiful things. And you can see a path goinginto the meadow. But you also notice a path going off to the left, winding up into themountains. And you decide yes this is where

you would like to go. So just imagine walkingup the path winding up into the mountains. Slowly going higher and higher, up into themountains. And the sky seems to become a little bluer, a little deeper and the air seems tobecome fresher, lighter, filled with light. The sun is shining. It's a wonderful day.And as you walk along the path, just take a moment to rest up against a rock. Look outthere is the meadow before you and off to the right is the forest. And having resteda moment, now you feel ready to proceed and you continue up the path, higher and higheruntil you come up to a bent. And therea distance is a beautiful temple. A templeradiant with light. There are beams of light

coming out through the windows and it almostseems as if the temple is translucent and filled with light. And some of the energyfrom the temple reaches your heart and fills your heart with joy and piece. And you feelwelcomed. And you feel as though it's appropriate for you to approach the temple, and slowlywith reverence you get closer and closer, until you come to the stairs and pausing amoment you feel “yes, it does feel right so take a step up onto the first step andpause there� and as you do so, an energy flows out from the stair through your legsall the way up to the root chakra. And it's purifying your root chakra. You are beinghealed now and prepare to enter the temple.

Your root chakra is healing now, being adjusted,helping you to be very grounded now, connected to the earth. And now you feel ready for the next step andtaking a step up. The energy also rises up to the second chakra. And the second chakrais being healed, prepared, awaken. And now take another step up and the energyrises to the solar plexus. And the solar plexus is being healed. Opened. Empowered. And now the fourth step and the energy risesto the heart. And the heart is opening and being filled with love, wonderful feelingsof love and compassion are filling you now,

healing your heart over flowing, filling youwith light and love and healing and blessings. The heart is being healed now. And now the next step and the energy risesto the throat. And the throat chakra is being healed now. Opened and blessed and healed.Wonderful energy and light flowing through the throat chakra now. And then the sixth step and the energy comesup to third eye. The brow chakra being healed, filled with light, balancedevery way.A wonderful healing for the third eye taking place for you now.

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