Reiki And Diabetes

Secrets of Sankalp Siddhi Yog Part 12 Reiki se Diabetes Thik Karna

Yog Guru Vishuraj Sharma welcomes you to Yog Indya. We have gone through different episodessankalp siddhi yog. And I am sure that you have been watching these tutorials. You have learnt a lot from this. How do we have to sité How do we need to position our handsé And. how do we have to absorb all of our ideas within us. How do we implement each and every thought of oursé

It's really simple. The topic for today is. It's a well known diseases. And it occursevery house. It's called diabetes. Sugar. You will be feel. quot;Will this therapy actually heal my sugar problemquot;

I have several examples and I know many students of mine. Who had to operate themselves for their teeth but their sugar level wouldn't decrease. Whereas they are consuming insulin and along with that an injection, they are even having pills. They daily consult a but despite that their sugar level remains intact. They kept asking me. quot;Guruji, what do we doéquot; quot;My tooth is aching severely and I need to operate it but the sugar level does not decreasequot; quot;It's not helping!quot;

quot;And we are practicing yog as well then, whyéquot; I helped them with a simple remedy, which I will be telling you know. I challenged them to mark a date on their calendar and that they could operate themselves within 3 days. In 3 days your sugar level will decrease. Who will wait for 3 daysé A person whose tooth is aching won't be able to wait for 3 days. I thought that very person the lessonthe morning and by afternoon he performed this lesson really fervently. And. as soon as he checked his sugar level, he realised that it was now normal.

Which was 290 has now opped down to 110. That was the reading for his sugar level. He visited the , he got operated and then everything was fine. His tooth was also fine and so was his sugar level. So, what happens here is. We blindly listen to whatever the says. quot;You will constantly have to consume pills to cure diabetes, till your lifetimequot; This statement gets fed into your mind.

Even if we skip pills for a day unknowingly or we get careless as we eat some trashy food. Its really important for us to be careful. But what do we have to be careful abouté What kind of thoughts are we holding ontoé That's the cause for our illness. I know several people who have high diabetes but if they are offered prasad(holy food) They accept and consume it willingly and this does not affect their sugar level. But those who decline the holy offering,

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