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Chinese Healing Traditions Tonglen Meditation for Healing

This is Eileen Daily on behalf of Expert Villageandthis segment we will talk about the Tonglen meditation for individual practice.Tonglen acknowledges the sufferingone's life and works with the breath to assist intransmuting and bringing extra Chi and light into one's awareness. For example, gettingcomfortable, connecting with your breath. Imagine something that is causing you ill right now whether it is painor a particular issue. Inhale that issue as if it were some kind of dark black smoke andexhale into it white light. Inhale the black smoke, exhale the white light. You don't actuallytakethe suffering you transmute it to

the level of your breath. The same practicecan be done for any individual that you know or parts of the world that areneed ofassistance so again imagining that individual's problems, seeing it as black smoke and exhalingwhite light into the fullness to allow transcendence and transmutation of the issue or problem.Tonglen is a practice that can be done anywhere or anytime and allows one's compassion tobe strengthened. Watch our next segment on the conclusion of healing traditions of theEast segment on China.

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