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Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing What is a Reiki Circle

This is Eileen Dey for Expert Village andin this segment we'll talk about what is a Reiki circle. One of the cornerstones of Reikicommunity are the Reiki circles or sharers that are created by the Reiki practitionerscoming together and giving and receiving treatments. It's a wonderful way of fostering communityand also getting your own Reiki needs met. It's beautiful and healthy to have a treatmentevery week or every other week. Each community has a different schedule. Reiki circles themselveslast about two hours to three hours and run the gamut. Some incorporate music, some aremore serious, it's really up to the Reiki master. So any Reiki individual can find acircle near them. In this next segment we'll

talk about bringing Reiki into the community.

Talking Plants Using Twitter

young turks sponsored by kodak dot com researchers have found a way to i'd get ourplants to communie with us topic and they can do something relaxed x messaging and twitter so what they did is they decide that theydid interesting enough they can't watch that theyhave designed a soil what's your sense sensor that that detects the moisturethe soiland if you haven't wanted your plant define literally talk to you intel will notliterally but your plan to talk to you throughout twitter

text messaging and let you know that you needto water it now all we have a tutorial on this and it explains a lot better than i cancelits watch the tutorial delhi mature plants need isn't always the simple for most of us withmore of a guessing game phyllis diller which police reports planslike sharing her morning cup of joe who had this guy's that has grown tomorrow they may not have a nice contribute that to the profit out you cannotalways see the results but the list by instance however exactly what they need

hai d action are andneed of popular and but the peopleare coming into my so it's great silk this is botanicals developed by interactive telecommuniionsresearchers this system allows you plans to send weeksor shorts text messages to mobile phone or messages to the internet they'll recognizeany of them are and they'll say thank you on and off to let you know if you don't knowwhat i can do a lot of botanicals researchers

have created that had a close with this salilwhat's your sense there i'm patni needed where apparently have alonelike the control unit is basically a little computer let's accept your pledge roads inthis will send out electrical ways based on amount of moisturethe soil ofvoltage level is sent thru two wires tourists are people weren't they compare scars moisturelevels to the optimum moisture level this data isreceived by a local network which allows the plan to send a message for help properly actually through given the plant the police

on and have them be more presence and morevocal and daily lives into a decides what's happened significant communiion systemsand allow them to talk like people not only is it for the growing botanists but also buddingengineers each device has to be assembled from this to this it doesn't come cheap ninety nine dollarsfor keys but had a cool skit but definitely worth it if you like your plans but don'talways remember to take care of them someone just keeping an eye toward iran

and i wanted to express my grandkids assessments without out it lebow's while socreepy get that's pretty good i don't think he ran our hair of you you make my juices for all instead of all why this got it argue about it that it would go up or whatthey think wonderfulcompatible with this is not over the back

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