Is Reiki Good For Grief

Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing Understanding Chakras while Practicing Reiki

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Villageandthis segment we'll talk about understanding the Chakras. Chakras are a Hindu term thatrefer to the concept of the wheel. In ancient India sages were able to look into the energyfield of an individual and see wheelsmotion. These are our energy centers through whichReiki, Chi, Prana flow. And as a Reiki practitioner one becomes aware of these centers. Thesecenters have different sounds, these centers have different colors. So the combinationof sound healing and color healing also effect the subtle energy system. In the next segmentwe'll cover the topic of the levels of Reiki.

Speak Truthfully About Losing a Loved One to Suicide Mari Okazaki TEDxChilliwack

Have you ever lostsomeone you really lovedé Grieving is one of the most difficultemotions that many people experience. But, think about how complexit becomes when suicide is involved. According to Statistics Canada, the death rate by suicidein British Columbia is roughly 500 per year, which is more than motor vehicleaccidents, at 315. Yet, we hear about motor vehicleaccidents quite often,

but we don't hear about suicide, even though the death rateis nearly 40% higher. Why do you think this isé There is a long historyof stigmatizing people who are involvedany way with suicide. People who died by suicide, people who attempted suicideand survived the attempt, and people who losttheir loved ones by suicide.

Misunderstanding and ignoranceare the root of the stigma, and bring unbelievable sufferingon suicide survivors, and bereaved ones. Today, I would like to sharemy very personal story, how suicide loss impacted my life,and how I got through. And hopefully, this can helpto reduce the stigma around suicide. Both of my parents passed away young. My father, by a medical accidentat the age of ', when I was 4. His simply made a mistakeon his mediion for fever,

and within 10 days,his healthy and strong body declined to the point of death. My mother became a young widowwith three little girls, and she raised us on her own. Despite the difficulties, she was always joyful,energetic and uplifting, until she developed a bipolar disorder. In the winter, when I was 25,my ordinary morning became extraordinary.

My life turned upside down, because my beloved mothertook her own life. A few days prior,her depression was so bad that she couldn't even get off the couch. But the day before, she was feeling well enoughto go on a short trip by train with me. After we came back from the trip, she was feeling so well that she madea phone call to her friends, telling them,

quot;My depression finally lifted. I'm so happy that I'm comingto the meeting tomorrow. See you then!quot; She looked really happy. But how would I knowif she was feeling well, or was it just another bipolar routineé The very next day, when I woke upon the fateful morning, I felt like I needed to check my mom. So I went to her room,and the bed was empty.

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