How To Use Reiki On Food

Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing Understanding Chakras while Practicing Reiki

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Villageandthis segment we'll talk about understanding the Chakras. Chakras are a Hindu term thatrefer to the concept of the wheel. In ancient India sages were able to look into the energyfield of an individual and see wheelsmotion. These are our energy centers through whichReiki, Chi, Prana flow. And as a Reiki practitioner one becomes aware of these centers. Thesecenters have different sounds, these centers have different colors. So the combinationof sound healing and color healing also effect the subtle energy system. In the next segmentwe'll cover the topic of the levels of Reiki.

How to Practice Reiki How to Use Reiki With Plants

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Villageandthis segment we'll talk about Reiki and plants. Well just like our little furryfriends can use Reiki as well as our human counterparts, our plant life that's aroundus responds to Reiki quite well. It's the same appliion. You can take both handsand surround the leaves of the plant and you hold for a minute to three minutes. It's alsoimportant to adess all the parts of the plant whether that be the stalk, or the root.It's interesting to do a bit of research yourself and see what happens to the plants that youReiki and what happens to the ones that you don't. The one's that you Reiki tend to growfuller, tend to live longer, you're infusing

their cells and their structure with additionaluniversal life. It amplifies their own existence. In our next segment we'll talk about Reikifor space clearing.

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