How To Use Reiki Healing Wand

Learning About Lemurian Laser Wand Crystals How to use Them for Healing January 23 2013

This piece, right here this is a Lemurian crystal laser wand and it's just asingle terminated clear Quartz point. It comes from a veryspecial mineBrazil. And it's thought that the crystals fromthis loion have a connection with ancient Atlantisand Lemuria.

Now, I'll let you be the judge of that. Ijust like to give all of different perspectives and let you make up yourmind. I'm, sort of, not sure about that yet. I haven'treally made up my mind. But what I do know, is that there areusually these beautiful striations. I don't know if you can see these little linesthe side of the crystal there. And thosestriations are said to be ancient information that has beenprogrammed or downloaded into these crystals.

And something that was reallyinteresting about these crystals is it when they found them, it was said that they were founda very, very different waythan most crystals are found. So, most Quartz crystal like this wouldbe on some kind of host rock or parent rock. That's called the matrix. And, so, thesecrystals would have grown typically out of cluster. So you would have lots oflittle points growing out of this matrix and they would all be, sort of, attached like

that. Well, what was different about these Lemurian crystals is that they were found already brokenoff or detached from that matrix. And, so, there were huneds orthousands of themthis mine. And they were all, sortof,there and they were all detached from the matrix already (at least this ishow the story goes). And it's said that they were surroundedthisbeautiful pink sand. And, this sand also couldn't beloed anywhere originating from nearby. So, youhave this mysterious

pink sand that is packing and all thesebeautiful Quartz crystals, and it was just a verymagical discovery because no one can really explain it. At least, again, this is how the story goes.So, I think that either way, it's really interesting howthis, sort of, happened. I really recommend these for usingwith crystal therapy as a laser wand. Now, what on earth is alaser wandé Well, it should be, if you have a nicelaser wand,

tapered meaning it's a little bit widerat the base and more narrow toward the terminationor the point. The reason for that is that it helps tobetter direct and focus the energy more precisely so that you can use that wand for thingslike psychic surgery or opening up the chakras. You can do thatby pointing the wand toward the body. But, laser wands are verypowerful tools. So, you don't want to just wave them around, kind of, willy nilly.

What Is Crystal Reiki with Krista Mitchell

Hello I'm Krista from Rock Whisperer NY, andtoday I'm shooting a short tutorial just explaining what is Crystal Reikié I get a lot of peoplewho email me, either who are interestedtraining with me or who are interested inseeing me as client, asking what is it, how exactly does it worké And for me, rather thananswer five million emails, I figure I might as well make a tutorial about it and have everyonewatch the tutorial and then they'll know. So here we are! So I'm going to be explainingwhat this modality is and hopefully it answers everyone's questions, and maybe it also givessome other people some ideas on what they can dotheir own healing process, perhaps,or how they may be able to integrate crystals

or reiki into their professional healing modalities.So Crystal Reiki is what it sounds like: it's a combination of crystal therapy and reikitherapy. However,the way I do it, um, it goes far beyond just channeling energy,reiki energy, through a crystal. And for those of you who don't know reiki, it is a handson Japanese healing technique which involves the practitioner channeling energy throughtheir crown chakra down through their arms, through their palm chakras, and into a person'sbody. It can either be hands on or hands off. Crystal therapy has a bunch of different practitioners,different styles, different lineages, but how I do this work is I place the crystalsout on a person's body based on their chakra

systems, so that's the seven main energy centersthat areour bodies. And I work with the crystalsfour primary ways: to dissolveblocked or stagnant energy that's impeding blood flow, energy flow,our bodies, impedingour healing process; I use them to absorb energy out of the body, especially stress.They're great for clearing stress, or anger, or upset, out of the body; I use them alsoto direct energy, so that we get more energy flowing through our systems so that we havemore access to our own vital energy, and power, and strength. And then finally I also usethem to infuse energy into the system. So this could be more loving energy to help supportusour selflove process, maybe it's more

empowering energy, maybe more endurance, orhealing vibration just to support the body's natural healing process. So I work with themin those ways, and they adess all four parts of ourselves: so that's physical, mental,emotional, and spiritual, which is why they are considered an holistic therapy, becauseit's adessing the whole. Reiki is also considered to be an holistic therapy because it adessesthe whole of ourselves. And how I use reikithis system is I use it to harmonize thework that the crystals are doing. I use it to bring calm and relaxation to a person'sbody, ok, and help again all four parts of themselves to come back into a more balanced,healthy stable place. I also use reiki and

crystals to clear off a person's aura, theelectromagnetic field that surrounds us, because as I explain to my clients, we're all likebig walking Swiffers, we're out there and because of the electromagnetic quality toour auras, we do attract and retain debris, whether it's other people's emotional energy,or the stress or pollutantsan environment, sometimes that can stick on us. So reiki andcrystal therapy can also help to clear that off, so that we feel more clear, more vibrant,um more aware and present. So that's essentially how this system works. And now what I'm goingto do is I'm going to show you an example of what it is that I actually doa session.So this is an example of a type of crystal

layout that I might do on a person's system.So I'll just describe, you know, what the chakras are and and the crystals and whatthey're doing there. So this is uh, this is around the root chakra, ok, the sacral chakra,solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Now where the chakras actually areon the body can differ from one person to the next, so you've gotta use your reiki handsto scan and see where you feel the stronger energy centers on the body.Now what I've placed here is I've placed smoky quartz at the root, which is going to helpground Sonjaher body more. That means that she's more present, more aware, morefullyher physical experience, ok. Smoky

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