How To Use Reiki For Fertility

Reiki reiki healing healing techniques

Reiki reiki healing healing techniquesReiki reiki healing healing techniques Reiki reiki healing healing techniquesReiki reiki healing healing techniques Reiki reiki healing healing techniques.

Treating Fertility Issues with Crystals February 7 2012

I've had so many clients come to melooking for ways to treat fertility issues, that I've actually created a wholeclass on this. And one of the techniques that I really like to share with people becauseit's so simple, is to create yourself a little fertility nest. And this is best done if bothpartners are involved, but, you know, if you can't get your partner involved it's okayto go ahead and do it by yourself. But you choose a small box, or basket,or it can be an actual nest you findnature

as long as mama bird is done using it andplace that somewhere very prominentyour home. And then each partner should select crystals to represent theirenergetic influence. Typically we want some masculine energy stones and some feminine energy stones, and you can place thoseyour little basketor nest. And it's nice to line that little basket with some very soft fabric, you know, just make it thisreally nurturing space and then add things that you want to bringtocreate this new life. This can be a

picture of a family together, this canbe things that are very important to you, it can be things that you have a strong energeticconnection with. Maybe you found a beautiful feather outnature, or you have a, you know, ied or pressedflower from your first date with your partner, something like that. Things thatreally represent this love energy and this energy that you're trying to cocreate.So these items should be all placed togetherthe little nest. I recommended, you know, choosing feminine energy

stones and masculine energy stones.Generally it's more of an intuitive sense that people get about the energyof the stone. Stones that are commonly referred to as feminine includeRose Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, these are all pink but they usually havea strong connection to the female reproductive organs. Also Carnelian, Chrysocolla, which is sometimescalled the Goddess stone, these will all work very well. Now masculine energystones, some examples

include Pyrite, which is, you know, it's aheavy stone, it's a shiny gold color, it is almost representative of like themasculine sun energy. Jade can be seen as a very masculinestone. So just sort of having this combination of these energies cominglingyour little fertility nest works very well. Then it's important for the couple to set anintention or affirmation for bringing this fertility energy ortreating this imbalance, and that can be written out on a little scrap ofpaper or said verbally over the space.

Then the couple should really take time toacknowledge this everyday, at least five or ten minutes sort of sitting infront of the little nest, really bringing that energy into your being and focusing on, you know,living it. Because it's something that you're trying to bring into the world so if youstart living every day, that will help. Another thing you can do, ladies, just carry a few pieces ofRose Quartz or Rhodochrositeeither one of your pants pockets so thatthey're close to the area of the ovaries.

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