How To Do Reiki One Attunement

Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing How to Receive Reiki Attunement

Hi, this is Eileen Dey and I'm coming to youon behalf of Expert Village with how to do Reiki attunement. Reiki masters traditionallygive attunementsa Reiki classes and what they are about involved opening up ones auraand whole body to receiving the universal energy so we're able to work with it thatmuch more clearly. And so students take this time to go within, relax, focus on their breath,and most importantly they give themselves permission to receive. As a Reiki master itis my responsibility to create safe space so that and individual can go and receivethis energy. And into this space we bring about Reiki symbols which we'll talk aboutin Reiki II. And so for this attunement, the

first symbol, the power symbol, is broughtforth and brought into an individual's crown, into their forehead, their third eye, intotheir heart. All of these are signifying bringing oneness and wholeness into an individual'ssystem. And finally, a blessing of the hand to bring forth the light and healing thatReiki does offer. And also, for an individual to realize that they have that power to doself healing. Each level of Reiki training involves differentattunements and each attunement is an individual's own unique experience. And watch our nextsegment on the process of coming to oneness.

Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing Importance of Reiki Lineage for Attunement

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Villageandthis segment we'll talk about the importance of lineagethe attunement process. As wehad mentioned earlier there are many branches that have come since Usui had his enlightenmentexperience on Mount Koriyama. And, subsequently, much of Reiki that is out there has lost someof its traditional aspects, but that's part of Reiki's charm. It incorporates into theculturewhich it's found and yet I encourage students to find a Reiki teacher who is connectedback to Usui's lineage and who also has an appreciation for the traditionwhich itwas taught. And so students pursuing Reiki training should look for Usui Reiki or a connectionback to the other founders, which we'll talk

more about, Hyashi and Takata andso doingthey ensure that the attunements, the alignments that they've received also allow them directconnection back to these founding ancestors of a healing modality that will be with themfor the rest of their lives. In the next segment we're going to talk about the practice ofReiki.

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