How Is Reiki Healing Used

5 minute Reiki Healing Transmission wCallie

Welcome to this 5 minute Reiki Healing Transmissionwith me! Callie. All you have to do is just take some deep breaths, relax, and then openup to receive the energy. Thank you so much for joining. That was your little 5 minute Reiki blast with me, Callie. I offer private sessions online, on the phone, orperson hereSanta Monica. I hope you will join me! onenesswithin Sending you lots of love!!!.

Reiki Healing Information What Is Reiki Used to Treat

When to use ReikiƩ Reiki can be use at alltimes for so many different things. Because it is a quantum event, whereby, you are condoningthe key, the chi, the universe life force energy into your field to help release blockagesand help to attain high vibration which allows you to access knowing about the things thatare for your highest good or for the highest good of the recipient that you're giving Reikito, you are able to increase the vibration of just about anything that you wish. Oneof the main universal laws of energy is that, energy moves at intent. So when you thinkof that Reiki energy going to a place or to a space, then that's where it goes. One ofthe other major laws of energy is, so as you

give, so shall you receive. So always keepyour intent positive, that access those positive energies to condone with those positive energies,to distribute and disperse those positive energies. That way a positive effect willbe had both for where the energy goes and to when the energy comes back to you. Youcan use Reiki for a wide variety of things, to increase the vibration for just about anything.When you tend to help your body heal from a lot of things; when you burn your hand,your finger; cut your finger cooking; break your arm; you have a cold; you have a flu;you have a that is sick; you want to make your food fresher; you want your plants togrow better; you want your friend to heal

up faster from whatever kind of thing theygot going on; you want some general love to be going onyour family or maybe your brotheror sister's family. You can send Reiki to all those things. You can send Reiki to theearth. You can send Reiki to the government. You can send Reiki to a country. You can sendReiki to anything because you are helping those vibrations to increase for the highestgood of the recipient at all times. So therefore, you can Reiki to help everything about yourlife and the lives of those around you to heal at a much faster pace and for the highestgood of those involve.

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