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Golden Light Rod Attunement

welcome to twisted sage studios this isBrian Besco. today we are here to talk about the Golden Light Rod. Now the Golden Light Rod is an ancient tool and it is just now coming back into our realityas the veil lifts. Energetically it's a golden rod and about 20 or so incheslong initially when you look at it it lookslike golden light or maybe a golden white light that comes out of that it'sreally high frequency but then as you look deeper there's colors and thecolors are fuzzy and that's because there's also a sound that comes from therod from the energetic rod and the sound

is used for healing clearing everythingeverything that this rod does as the color and the sound work together aspart of what the tool is. On the physical level it is this brass rod right herenow the golden light rod exists on the higher dimensional plane and anchorsinto the physical through this rod which is cut within a huned thousands of amillimeter. The sacred measurement that this is cut out is Teotihuacan Unit, which was the base measure for one of our favorite rings the Balanceand Harmony Ring. As you hold onto the rod if you hold on to itthephysical. the higher soul self would also

stepto hold onto the rod. Thework that we do here directly affects all time space and dimensions that yoursoul spark exists within and on now when someone holds the wand they areengulfedgold and white light a clearing takes place with the person asthe vibrations are raised all around them. And this brings through more thanjust personal and environmental clearing, rather situations and realities are alsocleared and healedthe process. The Golden White Wand does come with thelittle ring on the bottom and you can put all the bells and whistles if youchoose. the tools do not affect the

energetics of the wand. Now you can use the wandto amplify the tools. Would like to just talk a little bit about the attunement process we are going to do here. We always start from within the sacred space the heart. now youcan imagine your consciousness is a little ball of light the size of amarble and it's it's rightthe middle of the brain right behind the pinealgland that's what looks out our physical eyes. Before we were born ourconsciousness resided within the physical heart as there are brain cellswithin that physical heart. So we are going to just simply move our consciousness thatlittle ball of light back down into the

sacred space the heart. when we stepback into the heart that is where we access all that we are. that is where weaccess our higher soul selves from that Sacred Space of the Heart. it's also a placewhere the Ego cannot go. so when we do this work we must operate from withinthe heart space. so I'm gonna go ahead and walk you through into that sacredspace the heart now and then we will do that attunement with this golden whitewand. alright, so to go into that sacred space of the heart, if you couldjust visualize yourself standing on your favorite spotnature that place onearth that you're the mostlove with

the earth and as you send your love right downinto the earth it sends its love right back up so breathethat unconditionalhealing loving energy right up into the heart. next connect up to source, Creator, God,central sun, whatever you call that higher power, and breathingthatunconditional healing loving energy into the crown and into the heart as well. and then we breathefrom both earth and sky, bringing all those energies together within theheart. Earth. Sky. And you. now if you use your imagination or visualization to seethat your heart is just light. its a fire. its the soul's fire. now takes that light thatis your souls fire and send that down

Ethereal Crystal Healing September 26 2012

I'm actually a teacher of the ethereal crystals or the etheric crystal healing method. This method basically is about channeling the energyof the stones from the earth even when you don't havethat physical stone present. And I think that this is something thatall people should learn how to do, you really should be able to tap into theEarth's crystalline energy grid and call on those energies when you needthem.

It's just like calling on an archangelor a spirit guide or a totem animal when you need thatenergy for healing. I feel like, you know, we have this wholemineral kingdom at our disposal, and the crystals areall around us. What's the difference betweenhaving this Apophyllite right heremy space or being able totap into the energythe Earth'scrystalline grid and call on that Apophyllite energy that's within the earth's

electromagnetic field. So I think that this is definitely a method of healingthat's somewhat overlooked. It's especially great for people who doother forms of energy medicine like Reiki Masters, for instance, because they can channel that crystal energywith their Reiki symbolswhile they're doing treatments. So I think it has a lot of practicalappliion, but alsothe case of an emergency ifyou didn't have your crystals or stones with you,

but you can channel that energythroughyour body and use it for healing. There's a great benefit to that, so Idefinitely think that it's worthwhile. I feellike once you sort of know the basic process and understand how that works and how to call on that energy, you can really do that for any stone. So that's what I think is so valuableabout these ethereal crystal energies. But it's really just about channeling that energy,

calling upon it to use for healing justlike we would with archangels, spirit guides, totem animals,anything like that. And you don't need the physical stone todo that. It's also great because you can make crystal elixirsa really safe way. Youcan actually just program your water with the energy of the stone instead of risking puttingthe physical stonethe water because a lot of them are toxic.

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