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Chinese Healing Traditions Types of Buddhist Schools

Hi, this is Eileen Dey, on behalf of ExpertVillage, andthis segment we'll talk about some of the Buddhist schools; the traditionsthat came out of what occurrednorthern India, oh, so many years ago. Following Buddha'slife, the school, the ideas that developed around him were referred to as Theravada orlesser vehicle,that one was able to work upon themselves for the purpose of attainingnirvana, enlightenment, and therefore; helping oneself achieve liberation from samsara. Astime went on, and as Buddhism spread out across Asia out of the south, there developed thevajayana school; the greater vehicle, so that not only would you achieve enlightenment forself, you would do it to help humanity. The

third school, vajrayana, is unique to Tibet.It combined with the native traditions and religions there, and became very ritualizedand specific to that culture. In this next segment, we'll talk about the bodhisattvapathBuddhism.

Chinese Healing Traditions How to Do Acupressure

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Villageand this segment will show a demonstration of acupressure. Acupressure works by applyinggentle pressure between 10 to 15 seconds. Just with the pads of your fingers to specificpoints on the human body. Oneparticular that is very good for removing grief and allowingone's true voice to be spoken is Ren 22 and it is loed right at the notch of your clavicleso by applying gentle pressure here and relaxing one may immediately begin to feel a releaseof relaxation and depending upon the situation going on one may also feel emotions swellingup. It is a releasing point, the goal of which is to bring balance and harmony and restorean individual to wellness with wholeness.

In this next segment we will talk about FungShui.

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