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Ashati Energy Healing and Reiki Program

My journey's been quite a long one, and I've investigated different modalities, and even some energy healingthe past. I wanted to find all of the aspects of psychic training meditation. What brought me here was a disconnectmind, body, soul and spirit. I want to expand my knowledge and

get into the reiki healing and energy healing. It's been, it's been magical. It feels like it's just been a real adventure. Every time I feel great. You'll feel like a comfortable, and amazing, and things changed every time.

So like every week is different. It's really harmonious, you know, It's a really lovely, boutique atmosphere. It's the most intense meditation course I've ever done. Finally, I'm at the place I supposed to be, and I have that strong, strong feeling, I can be myself, and no one's limiting me. No one is telling me what to do and how to do it.

And it's great. I love it. So the process of finding my truth really has been around that, the meditation, and, time for selfreflection, as well, and also working with the people that are coming on this journey with me. One of the big things that I've noticed are

how wellsuited my group was, how we contributed to each other's journey, so really it was quite a holistic sort of developmentthat way. Feeling like I've got people around me who are similar, and because I've been quite lonely before, I've felt like I'm different and crazy.

Now it feels better. I think the main thing that it's helped me with emotionally is actually dealing with the emotion as it happens, as opposed to having an emotional reaction to something can sitting on it, or allowing that to be stored physicallymy body,

Manifesting Our Desires Using a Reiki Magic Box with Reiki Master Teacher Haripriya Suraj

Hello friends,My name is Haripriya, I am a Reiki Master and Teacher.Today I'm going to talk about manifesting our desires using something Icall a Reiki Magic Box.To do this exercise, you will need tiny bits of paper, like this oneand you will also need a small box, something like this.It could be any box, the only thing you need to rememberis that when you hold this boxyour hands it must feel good.If you have a box already,

great, you can use that one.If you don't have a box, go pick up a box that will feel good whenyou hold it. Coming back to our desires,all of us have desires that we would like to manifest.And when I say deepest desires, I mean those desires that are close to ourhearts, that stem from our soul, or from our higherself. And we are going to use our Reiki Magic Boxto manifest all those desires. Now, to get a bit more clear about these deepestdesires,

I would like to tell you that there are basicallytwo kinds of desires. There are some desires that, as I was tellingyou, stem from our higher self, they are closeto our hearts, and when we work on these desires, we feela sense of peace, contentment, we also feel blissful.And there are other desires that stem from our ego itself.From the ego. And it's not that these desires are bad.It's just that when we try to fulfill these desiresthat stem from our ego,

there is always an underlying sense of unrest.As we go about trying to fulfill our ego desires we tend to become fearful, anxious, and mayberestless. So, to make this clearer, let me give youan example. Now, my deepest desire is to do healing work,to teach healing, and when I do this work, or when I visualize myself doing this work,I feel very peaceful. It comes from my heart, it's close to my heart.This is what I want to do. And, as I fulfill this desire, not only doI benefit my own self, but everybodymy circle benefits.And let's say my friend goes on to become

an actress.She becomes a popular actress and overnight she becomes rich and famous.And then suddenly I look at what she has achieved and I'm like, Wow, I want to become like hernow. It feel so good to be so rich and famous.And then I start working on that desire. And I start working on becoming an actressand though it's not something I want to do deep downbut I want to do it because my ego wants to be like her.See the differenceƩ So, when I try to manifest that kind of anegoic desire

I will have to struggle a lot more, face alot more fear and unrest along the way.So dear friends, the first thing we need to get clear onis, those desires. What are those desires that stem from ourheart, from our soul. Make a list of all these desiresthat you know stem from your heart. And once you make that list,write each of those desires on a tiny peace of paper.One piece of paper for one desire. Write it down on this piece of paper.And when you write it, remember to write it

Reiki Healing Information Reiki Training

How to receive Reiki training. Well firstyou need to find a Usui Reiki master teacher. And I would recommend that there are severaleasy ways to do this. One of course is the internet. You might find someyour phonebook, at your local health food store, natural food store. Or at your local metaphysicalbook store. Look for all reiki masters that teachyour area and find one that you resonatewith, trust your intuition on this. There's lots of teachers out there fortunately inthe United States now there's up to eight huned thousand estimated reiki masters.So you'll be able to find a teacher near you I'm sure. And just trust your intuition causeit's very important that you resonate with

the person that you are receiving this reikitraining with. Reiki is taughtthree degrees. In first degree which is usually taught overa weekend, a minimum of ten hours a class. You will learn history of reiki, the handplacements of reiki.You will receive four attunements and you'll also be introducedto the chakra system. You'll be able to practice reiki and learn all the steps and also receivereiki. In second degree reiki which is also taught over a period of ten hours over a weekend,you will receive the knowledge of the reiki symbols. Which are just conji that help youto focus your intent of your energy while doing reiki. You'll receive the knowledgeof learning about long distance reiki, you'll

receive two attunements. You'll learn moreabout the human energy field and other things about energy across the universe as well.In the third degree is also called the master degree. In tradional Usuri Reiki the thirddegree and the master teacher degree are combined into one, longer experience. When I teachmaster degree it's a very intense, intentful experience. So that when you are finishedwith your third degree you will also be able to teach if you so desire. In third degreeyou'll learn advanced reiki healing techniques. You'll learn how to give attunementswhichyou must audit several classesboth first and second degree wherein your second auditsyou will give attunements to the students

both first and second degree. You'll learnadvanced trainings that Usuri himself wrote about and you'll experience them as we practicewith each other on a regular basis. When you are finished with this training you will indeedbe able to call yourself a reiki master teacher. If you so desire you can teach, if you wantto keep the knowledge to yourself and help your friends and family that is wonderfulalso. Reiki is a wonderful gift to learn for yourself as you'll learn valuable life toolsthat will assist youevery way for your highest good on your life path.

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