Reiki Therapy Definition

Reiki Dfinition Complte Quest ce que le Reiki

Léa: Hello to each of you!So, today we are making a tutorial about a full description of Reiki. We have tried hard to gather all the necessary information, the answers to all the questions we used to have, and after inquiring a lot about it on different sources of information (books, testimonies, documentaries, , readings on the Internet etc.), and above all: after really experiencing it. We have tried here to gather everythingone tutorial.Yes, there is a lot to be said.! Above all as we will speak from two perspectives: a more theoritical one, but also from our own experience, feelings, thoughts, and impressions. So quickly, I'll give you an overview the structure of this tutorial. First, we will go together deeper through the definition of Reiki. Secondly, we will see its accessibility and openness, and then, about the history of Reiki.

Working on English Subtitles.Coming very soon!Sorry for the inconvenience.

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