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Why do you ride to uni RMIT University

(Sound of a bicycle wheel spinning) (Background music) (Bicycle wheel spinning and music) It's just a faster and more fun way to get to school, you knowé Because it's really fun, it's fast, it's free and it gives me good exercise and it always puts mea good mood before class. Cycling to Uni makes me feel refreshed and more energised.

I really love the feeling of just doing that extra little bit of exercise that really gets me going for the day. So I'm more flexible when I'm riding to uni so it's like if I have changed my plans or something like that so it's much easier to go somewhere than going by public transport. (Background music) Aha, healthier, definitely. I can eat whatever I want and I don't have to worry about gaining a tonne of weight

'cause I'm always on my bike. It helps burn off all this energy that I have and then I'm really calm and focused when I'mclass. 30 minutes or 35 minutes on the train where it usually takes me 25 by bike so it's just easier. You know, it's nice outthe fresh air. In the morning it feels like just waking up it's fresh, it's a great feeling, it's like freedom.

(Background music) Alvin:Cycle to somewhere offpeak hours when there's not so much traffic, that's good and just slowly build up to it. Isabel: Definitely ride with a friend or find a buddy who you can ride with the first couple of times. I think it really helps to build up your confidence if you're with other people. Tristan: Just give it a go, you'll feel much happier after doing it and you get home you feel like you've done some exercise

and you feel just happier with yourself. (Background music).

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