Reiki Healing Music

Music for the Lungs healing meditation music for your lungs bronchial tubes music therapy

Healing Meditation Music for Respiratory Organs The medium of musical energy harmonizes with the respiratory organs to increase natural healing power. �Listening guide】 Sita comfortable positiona calm, quiet place. You can also lie down. Gently close your eyes. Be aware of your airways~bronchial tubes~lungs as you breathe. When breathing in

Imagine the music's energy passing through your airways~bronchial tubes~lungs. The musical energy penetrates deeply into all of the air sacs within your lungs. Then, breathe out. Repeat the musical energy deep breathing. Tell your airways~bronchial tubes~lungs your feelings of appreciation. quot;Thank youquot; . Continue musical energy breathing.

Imagine that your lungs are purifying. Imagine your airways~bronchial tubes~lungs are shining. While feeling the music's energy, Repeat the appreciation of your airways~bronchial tubes~lungs. quot;Thank youquot; . Please be aware that you cannot expect to get results if you listen as background music.

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