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Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing What is a Reiki Circle

This is Eileen Dey for Expert Village andin this segment we'll talk about what is a Reiki circle. One of the cornerstones of Reikicommunity are the Reiki circles or sharers that are created by the Reiki practitionerscoming together and giving and receiving treatments. It's a wonderful way of fostering communityand also getting your own Reiki needs met. It's beautiful and healthy to have a treatmentevery week or every other week. Each community has a different schedule. Reiki circles themselveslast about two hours to three hours and run the gamut. Some incorporate music, some aremore serious, it's really up to the Reiki master. So any Reiki individual can find acircle near them. In this next segment we'll

talk about bringing Reiki into the community.

Personal Trainer Courses Glasgow OriGym Personal Trainer Courses

If you're looking for Personal Trainer Coursesin Glasgow, then you've come to the right place. Hi, we're Luke and Steph, the cofoundersof Origym Personal Trainer Courses. At Origym, we provide professional PersonalTrainer Courses, that are REP recognised. We have a proven track record of producingsome of the best Personal Trainersthe industry. Our courses are for those of you who are lookingat a careerpersonal training. Our qualifiions are internationally recognised,meaning you will gain knowledge, insight and expertise to work anywherethe world. We have lots of different options for thoseof you whose lifestyle commitments mean they

can't carry out the course on a full timebasis. Fast track, personally tutored or online – we'resure to find a method that suits you. Origym has established itselfvirtuallyevery major city and with one to one personal tutoring fromthe comfort of your own home. Our professional tutors and accessors areavailable UK wide and have all been DBS checked. We have partnered with some of the largestcommercial gyms which means you can have access to the latest state of the art equipments

that will give you the edgelaunching yourPT career. All of our tutors have a wealth of tutoringand assessment experience, and of course they are all active, certified personal trainersthat can offer paramount advice and mentorship. When you enroll with Origym, you don't haveto worry about the cost of any of our courses as we allow you to spread the payments ona 0% interest basis. And what about after you've achieved yourqualifiionsé That's where our recruitment team will opendoors for you to some of the largest gym operatorsthe UK.

We guarantee interviews post course completion,so you can make an easy transition into your eam career. To find out more, just fill out the quickand easy form on origympersonaltrainercourses Thank you for your time and we'll see youin the gym.

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