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Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing Using Reiki with Sound Healing Techniques

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Villageandthis segment we'll talk about Reiki and sound healing. Sound is vibration andvibration combines with Reiki because Reiki is light vibration and the two together createa treatment session that can transport clients to another space where true cellular levelhealing can occur. Sound healing can take the form of background music during the sessionor can take the form of an individual reciting a chant or a mantra to that particular client.Sound healing can also work like umming or rattling or didgeridoo. Percussive instrumentstend to shift energy, they would be balanced by harmonious instruments like bowls, bells,or gongs, that tend to smooth and reinforce

an individual's energy field. Reiki andsound healing are new ways of working with both light and sound for an exponentiallytranscendent Reiki session. In our next section we'll talk about Reiki and color healing.

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Your Baltimore Area Chiropractor Blake Kalkstein Testimonial Of Patient With Shoulder Pain

Good morning everybody, it's BlakeKalkstein with s Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, your Baltimore area chiropractor,and today is Derek's last visit. Everyone this is Derek. Derek's wife sent him over to see us. He camewith hip pain and shoulder pain,and we had his hip pain under control pretty quicklyabout for to five visits and todayis Derek's eleventh visit and he's being released from care, his shoulder's about eighty percentbetter, and that will gradually get better over time.

So you work in. I worka warehouse. You worka warehouse, go ahead. Supervision, but I also do a lot of heavylifting, but I've mainly had a lot of shoulder pain for years with the throwing motion, certainmotions, and I've been told by orthopedic surgeons and s that I probably wouldnever regain that mobility unless I had surgery. And with the visits here I've regained prettymuch seventy to eighty percent of the mobilitymy shoulder.

Fantastic, so he feels good and he's releasedfrom care, and if he ever feels like he needs to tighten up he doesn't need an appointment,he can just walk in. So if you've got shoulder and hip problemsand you've tried other care, comeand we'll give you a free consultation. And if we can help you, we'll help you, andif we can't help you we'll get you into the right hands. So thanks for watching and we'll see you nexttime.

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