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God thank You for this day. Thank You because we can be together. Thank You for what You are going to do for the nexttwothree days here, God. God we love You and Jesus we want to be Your disciples.We want to live the life You called us to. We pray that You would come with Your Holy Spirit, and open our eyes and ears and help us to know You. Thank Youbecause we're going to see your power and Your kingdom come. In the nameof Jesus. Amen I'm going to start with the word Disciple.What a disciple is (behind me). Firstly, we will look at the word discipleand the word Christian. Just from the

beginning, we don't like this word. Badword! Can you say that to yourself, Bad, bad word. No, we don't like theword Christian. It's a word that has been misused a lot. There are many peoplein the world today who say I'm a Christian And if you ask why, Because I got baptisedas a baby. Or because I'm a membera church. Or because I sitchurch onSunday. Jesus never used the word Christian. Not one time did it come outof His mouth. He did not say, Go outthe world and make people Christian by baptising them as a baby, or sit thema church on Sunday, or something like it.He said, Make disciples. Disciples,

disciples of Christ. People who follow Christ, people who leave something behind to follow Him. And He used thatword again and again. When we readthe Bible,the Gospels, what He said topeople who want to follow Him, you saw that it was radical. It was like people need to leave things to follow Him. And it was not everybody who was ready. There was a young rich ruler who wanted that life. But what Jesussaid, well if you want that life, then sell everything you have and give it awayand come and follow Me. Come and be My disciple. And what did he choose. He chose to not follow Jesus. Jesus did

not run after him and say, Come on, I didn't mean it. It was not like that. Come on! No. He did not do that. Andbecause of that, that man missed many exciting thingshis life. Because hewas not willing to give up everything to follow Jesus. So the only thing is that weshould be disciples of Christ. But when we hear, Hey, I'm a disciple of Christ,Whyé Because I got baptised as a baby. Or, I'm a disciple of Christ, because I sitchurch on Sunday. We know by just changing the word from Christian todisciple, suddenly it becomes so much more radical. and it shows what it isall about. It's about Jesus, it's about

following Him. So the word disciple didnot exist at that time, and it should not exist today. And the word Christian isall about being a disciple. But the word disciple today is also differentmanyways because the word disciple today has become a religious word. We onlyuse that word disciple inside churches. If you go out on the streets, and peopleask you what do you do, Hey, I'm a disciple. They will look at you like,Whaté What are youé Because we only use this wordchurch. But at Jesus' time the word disciple was a common word. Jesus had disciples. John haddisciples. The Pharisees had disciples.

Moses had disciples. Many people at that time had disciples. So it was not a religious word or cult or somethingstrange as it is today. At that time it was normal. So if we should try to retranslate the word disciple, and really explain what it is all about, thebest word for us to use is apprentice. Apprentice. I have it here. We becomeapprentices. We said, Yes to follow Jesus, to become His apprentices.Or His disciples. And if you look here, I have a sign, not this one, but the nextone. There. It's not me but it could have been me. Some years ago I started as an apprentice, as a baker. I started an

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