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How to receive Reiki training. Well firstyou need to find a Usui Reiki master teacher. And I would recommend that there are severaleasy ways to do this. One of course is the internet. You might find someyour phonebook, at your local health food store, natural food store. Or at your local metaphysicalbook store. Look for all reiki masters that teachyour area and find one that you resonatewith, trust your intuition on this. There's lots of teachers out there fortunately inthe United States now there's up to eight huned thousand estimated reiki masters.So you'll be able to find a teacher near you I'm sure. And just trust your intuition causeit's very important that you resonate with

the person that you are receiving this reikitraining with. Reiki is taughtthree degrees. In first degree which is usually taught overa weekend, a minimum of ten hours a class. You will learn history of reiki, the handplacements of reiki.You will receive four attunements and you'll also be introducedto the chakra system. You'll be able to practice reiki and learn all the steps and also receivereiki. In second degree reiki which is also taught over a period of ten hours over a weekend,you will receive the knowledge of the reiki symbols. Which are just conji that help youto focus your intent of your energy while doing reiki. You'll receive the knowledgeof learning about long distance reiki, you'll

receive two attunements. You'll learn moreabout the human energy field and other things about energy across the universe as well.In the third degree is also called the master degree. In tradional Usuri Reiki the thirddegree and the master teacher degree are combined into one, longer experience. When I teachmaster degree it's a very intense, intentful experience. So that when you are finishedwith your third degree you will also be able to teach if you so desire. In third degreeyou'll learn advanced reiki healing techniques. You'll learn how to give attunementswhichyou must audit several classesboth first and second degree wherein your second auditsyou will give attunements to the students

both first and second degree. You'll learnadvanced trainings that Usuri himself wrote about and you'll experience them as we practicewith each other on a regular basis. When you are finished with this training you will indeedbe able to call yourself a reiki master teacher. If you so desire you can teach, if you wantto keep the knowledge to yourself and help your friends and family that is wonderfulalso. Reiki is a wonderful gift to learn for yourself as you'll learn valuable life toolsthat will assist youevery way for your highest good on your life path.

Reiki Self Treatment Hand Positions

0:00:00.530,0:00:02.540reiki hand positions 0:00:02.540,0:00:04.319reiki hand positionsself treatment 0:00:04.319,0:00:07.760once you receive the firstdegree achievement from array q monster 0:00:07.760,0:00:11.259you're ready to work with the universal life force 0:00:11.259,0:00:14.7'however it's important to you realize as with every profession that there's a

0:00:14.7',0:00:19.500need to first practicemost of the skills associated healing 0:00:19.500,0:00:23.789medan jakarta to our students to heal themselves first and their families than 0:00:23.789,0:00:25.609their friends 0:00:25.609,0:00:29.289only then did she believe they will be adequately qualified unable to accept 0:00:29.289,0:00:31.869partition and here are the people

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develop your confidence and skills 0:01:04.140,0:01:06.020remember the more you weren't we greatly 0:01:06.020,0:01:08.120the want you to view will become 0:01:08.120,0:01:10.300your energy vibration will be raised 0:01:10.300,0:01:14.400and you were development experiencethe joyful consistencyyour life 0:01:14.400,0:01:18.410selfhealing is the starting point for personal development of selfdiscovery

0:01:18.410,0:01:23.110break is not just a tool for healing it also brings protection prevention 0:01:23.110,0:01:25.960and personal transformation on all levels 0:01:25.960,0:01:29.540as you progress along a new path invariably you'll come up against 0:01:29.540,0:01:34.290obstacles the setbacksyour life the often seem up hall oceanfront

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