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Sexual Energy Manifestation How to Manifest Using Sexual Energy

Hi everyone! This tutorial is goingto be about sexual energy and how to utilize it for personaland spiritual growth. I have a tutorial about the law ofattraction and manifestation if you would like to check thatout. There will be an annotation and a linkthe description.Sex is something many of us have a desire for as we areall sexual beings. We may participatevarioussexual practices, including self stimulation, masturbation.We may do it for a variety of

reasons. We often have an urgeto do it, a sex ive, and it just feels good to us. There isnothing wrong with that, nor is masturbation. However, what somemay not consider is just how much more involved sex is,especially with a partner, than merely a physical connection. Wemay enjoy the physical activity especially with a lovingpartner we have an emotional and spiritual connection with. And,sex can enhance this connection tremendously. But, we can alsoutilize sexual energyso many

other ways that we may not evenbe aware of. In today's society, sex is often seen as physical.People may take pridehow many people they have sleptwith, and even when they have lost their virginity. Ipersonally remember from high school people saying to me thatyou were supposed to lose your virginityhigh school.Instead, take prideyour virginity. Sex without aconnection is only a breeding ground for negative energy. Youpick up these energies from your

sexual partners that harborthem, as well as your own negative views during sex withthis other person you may not know. The reason is because sexis much more than just physical. When you are onlyit forthe physical satisfaction, and perhaps have been with manypartners without a connection that is beyond the physical,then you will attract the negative energy your partnersare harboring. If that is the case, there certainly areways of clearing this negative

energy, but it first starts withyou expanding your perspective and realizing that sex is morethan just physical. Orgasm is often seen as the end of thesexual experience. The aim for many is to have an orgasm andthat's it. After orgasm we are done, what nowé There is muchmore involved. Usually sex and masturbation is often seen asa depletion of energy. Many spiritual practices sayto refrain from any sexual activity, includingmasturbation, because it makes

one lose focus on spiritualgrowth. The problem with this comes down to several factors.Many fail to refrain from it for a variety of reasons. One beingthat we all have various urgesthis physical form. We desiresex and it's natural to us. Another reason being that manypeople try too hard to refrain from it, and it then may befilled with shame when partakingthe behavior. This may getto the point of one overthinking it, which turns into obsessivethoughts about it, which are

Law of Attraction Tina Awwad

Hello Today I'm going to talk about an attractive subject which is the Law of Attraction I have been asked many times to talk about it from many people even from my closest friends and because my understanding of this topic is deeper than what you usually hear I have spent some time thinking about how to present this episode

and I decided to take a part of one of my seminars about dimensions so I can present to you the whole truth and to show you the whole picture with clarity as I'm certain of the importance of this topic because It's not about just the law of attraction though It's about human beings journey to enlightenment and because of that what you're going to see and hear today you won't hear it anywhere else

In general The definition of The Law of Attraction is attracting likewise energy depending on your negative or positive thoughts and feelings meaning your energy frequency should match whatever you attracting so If you wanted to attract someone or something you should be certain that It's already happening.

ironically, this is not far from the truth but the status of this reality and the baggages of the negative energy plus the limited bad programmingthe unconscious mind has made a gap between the reality and the truth and it made what been said just some fantasies, given to the people to distract them and for this reason I need to take you to a deeper journey into the dimensions

although we'll scratch just the surface I said the surface because we have many dimensions into each other but today I'm just talking about the dimensions we're livingIt has a main dimension andit subdimensions anyway what is important for you to understand now is what's happeningour dimension and the ones close to us you will understand why with the explanation This is just a roughly demonstration so you can understand

Let's say that this is the universe that has more than one dimension I will put some of these dimensions on a ladder the ladder here will represent a scale for the development of the beings The lowest point is chaos the highest point is peacefulness At the first dimension is the lowest level of consciousness It become more developedthe second dimension comparing to the first their consciousness are more concentrated on themselves

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